Children and Civilians Killed in Yemen Bus Attack

Dozens of civilians, including 29 children, were killed in a deadly air strike. According to Al Jazeera, the Saudi-UAE military alliance is responsible for the attack on a school bus on Thursday, Aug. 9.
Chance has championed the issue of civic engagement, participating in multiple concerts and leading a “Parade to the Polls” during the 2016 elections to encourage voting.
Pilsen saw the 45-annual celebration of Fiesta del Sol. Since 1975, the festival of Latino food, jewelry and music has been the biggest celebration of its kind in the Midwest.
In the northeastern state of Assam, India, nearly four million people, the majority of which are Muslim, are now at risk for losing their Indian citizenship.
In this week’s Monitor Minute, Sufyan Shaltaf and Monitor Contributor Mary Norkol talk to Nasir bin Zakaria and Laura Toffeneti of The Rohingya Culture Center. In the podcast, they discuss the plight of the Rohingya and the ethnic cleansing they're facing in their Burmese homeland, the foundation for the Rohingya Culture Center, and hopes for their future in Chicagoland.
The Native American struggle against the DAPL’s construction demands the attention of not only Native Americans, but Palestinians as well. As indigenous people that suffer the consequences of settler colonialism, Palestinians must be active in supporting individuals that are combating similar issues in hopes of drawing attention to their plight and attempting to halt any further colonization (e.g., land confiscation or implementation of discriminatory policies).
The Australian detention crisis continues to progress, though slightly less blinded by the limelight than the American detention crisis today. Some writers have contributed opinion pieces warning the United States to learn from the Australian catastrophe, but the two are becoming increasingly similar.
Trump’s rhetoric seems to support the idea that families immigrating without proper documentation need to be punished for their “selfish” actions. Yet, many of these families are facing war and violence. Waiting for proper documentation is not a viable option for them.
This cop academy will include an outdoor shooting range, a mock apartment building and other buildings for scenario-based training, and a driving course. Emanuel has taken this to city council and has recently got it approved on May 22, 2018. Construction will begin this year and it will take two years to build. However, even though this proposal has won the support for many Council members, opposition campaigns are still not backing down.
These international matches are frequently sources of conflict and can lead to violent clashes between teams, often representing political sides.
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