Rasmea Odeh Case: USA vs. Arab-Americans

The prosecutors motion for an “anonymous jury” for Rasmea Odeh criminalizes community organizing and prejudices any jury against Odeh and her supporters. More »

Salaita Case: UI Publication Refuses Letter Criticizing Patrick Fitzgerald

When the Illinois Board of Trustees voted not to appoint Steven Salaita as a tenured professor because of tweets on the Israel-Palestine conflict, escaping notice was a Board member involved in cases that violated the rights of Palestinian-Americans – former U.S. Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald. More »

NSA Spying on Palestinian-Americans for Israel and for the U.S.

NSA documents released by Edward Snowden show the U.S. has routinely shared personal data on Palestinian-Americans with Israel since 2009. Both Palestinian-Americans and their relatives living in Israel or the Occupied Territories are put in danger by a government thats basically hostile to them. More »

In Bridgeview and Justice, Illinois, members of the Arab-American community have lived under surveillance for nearly twenty years. More »


Local Film Turns Camera On Surveillance


By Renner Larson

Debates have erupted across the United States about the surveillance practices of various government agencies. The privacy American citizens once took for granted is now being questioned, but for some, uncertain privacy is decades old.

Rasmea Odeh Case: USA vs. Arab-Americans

Photo by Bill Chambers

By Bill Chambers

In a strange turn of events, prosecutors have accused the Rasmea Defense Committee, all of Odeh supporters, and the leader of a prominent Arab-American social services group of “jury tampering” and “almost certainly criminal” behavior by showing their support for a leader in the Chicago Palestinian community who has come under discriminatory indictment. The prosecution’s solution? Tamper with any jury that might be selected by demanding the jury remain “anonymous” so that they can be prejudiced to believe Odeh is a dangerous terrorist.

Salaita Case: UI Publication Refuses Letter Criticizing Patrick Fitzgerald

Courtesy Meda4Salaita
from http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com

By Bill Chambers

In the controversial firing of Professor Steven Salaita by the University of Illinois, the behavior of the Chancellor Phyllis Wise, Board of Trustees Chair Chris Kennedy, and others have been the subject of numerous reports in the media. Escaping notice through all of this is a member of the Board who has been involved in cases that have violated the rights of Palestinian-Americans – former U.S. Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald.

NSA Spying on Palestinian-Americans for Israel and for the U.S.


By Bill Chambers

Recent articles have described NSA documents released by Edward Snowden showing that in 2009 the U.S. reached an agreement to routinely share information with Israel including the content and metadata of phone calls and emails from Palestinian-Americans. The information was shared with a secret Israeli spy organization called Unit 8200.  As the Guardian points out, the agreement calls for the material to be “raw” or unredacted, meaning names and personal information have not been taken out. Much of the U.S. coverage of this story has focused on putting the relatives of the Palestinian-Americans living in Israel or the Occupied Territories in danger from the Israeli security services, but no one seems to be concerned about Palestinians living in the U.S. whose personal information is being captured and shared with U.S. security services.

Call for Federal Investigation into Chicago Police Brutality Ignored


By Bill Chambers

The week before the Labor Day weekend during the height of the national outcry over events in Ferguson, the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR) held a press conference about their letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for an investigation of 65 documented cases of police brutality in Chicago. How many local media sources covered this story? Zero.

Riot Fest & The Gentrification of Humboldt Park


By Jessica KassanitsJessica Kassanits

Riot Fest is a punk music festival celebrating its 10th anniversary this year spanning from Friday, September 12th to Sunday, September 14th. At its beginning the festival was located at several indoor venues around Chicago. Since this time it has expanded to multiple cities, although Chicago remains the biggest location.

Op Ed: Off the Streets, But Not in the Classroom

Dorothy Counts

By Carson ParishCarson Parish

Recently, Edwardsville Public Schools, District 7, located in a small suburb of St. Louis across the Illinois border, banned the discussion of the events surrounding the Aug. 9th killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

An Open Letter to Male Comedians

From Rose Villa Tavern Comedy Club

By Annie TaylorAnnie Taylor

Dear Male Comics,

I’m not saying that you can’t touch on the subject of women in your stand-up routine. In fact, I love when people do!

OP ED: Ferguson Didn’t Fail the Democratic Process


By Josh TikkaJosh Tikka

Major broadcast networks are blaming Michael Brown’s death and the Ferguson protests on poor voter turnout within the black community.

OP ED: Open Letter to Yifat Elrich’s Arab-Jewish Coexistence Proposal

Palestine/ Jesus

By Samantha BordersSamantha Borders

Dear Yifat,

In your recent op-ed titled “Arab-Jewish co-existence through a Christian military draft”, you state that rather than a dividing force, Arab Christians joining the Israeli Defense Forces would provide “an entry ticket into Israeli society”.