On Reading Rushdie and the Satanic Verses

No matter what Rushdie may have been saying about religion and the nature of belief or what he has said since, Mahound was after all just a character in a fiction novel who isn’t even real in the novel but rather the imagining of the feverish dream of a sick mind.
  Growing up in New Jersey, Ramy Youssef experienced what nearly all Muslims do when they turn on the TV — a cast of white characters with Muslims relegated to inflammatory roles, if given any at all. Now 28, Youssef has vowed to change that reality starting with his new...
We are told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This maxim is simply no longer valid. That “an apple,” as far back as 1914 at the latest, came out from good untainted soil.
Hawraa Faisal took to the DePaul Class of 2022 group Facebook page on April 7 to warn students of her fear that “the chicken being served in the dining hall is no longer halal.” This came after a week of troubling experiences with Chartwells employees, she said.
Without any accountability, there are billions of dollars gone to private companies which could have went to improve public and social services.
Citizens of the seven countries singled out by President Trump have killed zero people in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and 2015, yet the Trump Administration has continuously defended the Muslim Ban as essential to national security
If not killed they are wounded, if not wounded they are prisoned and if not prisoned they are disabled.
Let's humanize humans of other faiths even more than we usually do! That should do it! Right?
Mental slavery ownership of common people was simply transferred from the British to the feudal lords. Ironically, the majority of the people mentally accepted them as their masters.
Movies like American Sniper have taken these images of Arabs and Muslims and depicted them as the instigators and agitators of society. This just reaffirms negative stereotypes and continues this false, yet strong association between Islam, Arabs, and terror
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