Chicago Inter-Faith Group Campaigns Against Detention of Palestinian Children

Chicago Faith Coalition campaign against the mistreatment of Palestinian children by Israeli military authorities will lead to a Congressional hearing in the Fall. More »

The Mysterious Need for New Sanctions on Iran

Why is Congress considering more sanctions in the midst of nuclear negotiations with Iran? We’ve been here many times before. More »

The Language of Twitter: Netanyahu Speaks to His Own Citizens

Why has Netanyahu’s Twitter account suddenly switched to Hebrew? Does it have anything to do with the upcoming Israeli elections and his speech to Congress? More »

What is Turkey’s Role in Syria and in the Fight Against ISIS?

Beyond all the misconceptions in the press and criticism from allies, what has been Turkey’s real role in the war in Syria and the fight against ISIS? More »


The Two Shadows of Muslim Millenials

From left, Yasmin Nouh, Communications Coordinator with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and civil rights attorney Fatima Dadabhoy listen while several students talk about bias-based bullying of Muslim students during a news conference at CAIR offices in Anaheim, Calif.

December 24, 2013 4:38 pm  •  By JEFF KORBELIK | LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR

By Zareen Abbasi

In the midst of refreshing my Twitter feed earlier this week, I came across a tweet that read “Islamic law is more flexible than many imagine, while Islamic spirituality is more strict than many imagine.” It was tweeted by Omer Mozaffar. I read and reread; I was puzzled by it. Puzzled by how true it was and how I believed the contrary for so long. It’s true that things we feel constrained by are oftentimes the most flexible. So much in fact, that sometimes we don’t know what to do with all the access and flexibility.

Chicago Inter-Faith Group Campaigns Against Detention of Palestinian Children


By Newland Smith

The Chicago Faith Coalition launched the “Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child” campaign on October 16, 2014 at Grace Episcopal Church in Oak Park. Gerard Horton of Military Court Watch, an organization that monitors treatment of children in Israeli military detention, described the harsh treatment of Palestinian children detained by Israeli military authorities including middle of the night arrests, long interrogations, and harsh sentences in prisons far from their families. Salwa Duaibis of the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling spoke of the negative psychological impact of night raids and detention of children on those arrested and their families. Both indicated that 8,000 Palestinian children have been victims of these policies since 2000.

The Mysterious Need for New Sanctions on Iran


By Emily Anagnostos

On March 24, “The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015” will be presented to the Senate. Sponsored by Mark Kirk, a junior Republican senator from Illinois and Robert Menendez, a senior Democrat senator from New Jersey, the bill proposes to expand sanctions against Iran specifically against the sale of Iranian oil and the engineering, construction, and automobile sectors of Iran, among others. But why is Congress considering more sanctions in the midst of nuclear negotiations with Iran? We’ve been here before.

Fielding Calls about “Islamic Disconnect” at CAIR-Chicago


By Emily Anagnostos

At 3:35pm on a Tuesday as I sat at the reception desk at CAIR-Chicago, I received a phone call. As a communications intern with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Chicago, I do a lot of my work from the reception desk and therefore I get a lot of phone calls. This in itself has been a learning experience: I learned how to get over my fear of talking on the phone, how to transfer calls – I even learned how to transfer calls in Arabic. Sitting at that desk means that I am the first thing people see when they walk in the door or the first voice they hear when I pick up the phone and on Tuesday it meant that I got a call like this:

Challenging Abuse in Muslim Communities

Photo by WBEZ/Yolanda Perdomo

By Zareen Abbasi

“Someone you would least expect” are so often the words that accompany the tale of a heinous crime. In wake of the tragic Chapel Hill Shootings, the Muslim community is in the public lens again under far different circumstances here on our home turf. Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, the Imam and founder of the Institute of Islamic Education in Elgin, Illinois was charged with sexual assault yesterday.

It’s Time to Stop Demonizing Diplomacy with Iran

Photo from AlJezeera America

By Danish Murtaza

For over a year now, Iran and the international community have been negotiating regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Iran would like nuclear capacity for the pursuit of energy production and medical/research use. The U.S and the international community believe that Iran may be pursuing nuclear enrichment for the purpose of building a bomb. Meanwhile, the Republicans and Benjamin Netanyahu have been demonizing any diplomacy with Iran. Let’s detail this situation in its entirety.

OP-ED Chapel Hill Shooting: “American” Shouldn’t Come with Qualifiers


By Renner Larson

Tuesday night our nation lost three innocent lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The murders of Deah Barakat, 23, Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and Razan Abu-Salha, 19, are still under investigation and though police have yet to make an official determination it is speculated by many that the faith of the three Muslim victims contributed, at least in part, to the motive of the killer, Craig Stephen Hicks. Whether or not law enforcement deems these murders a hate crime is irrelevant to the unacceptable double standard displayed in the aftermath of this tragedy.

“Severe Eruption of Hostilities” Between Israelis and Hezbollah: What Really Happened?


By Bayan Takrouri

About a week ago two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded by Hezbollah missile attacks near the Lebanese border in what the New York Times called “the most severe eruption of hostilities in the area since the fierce enemies’ devastating month long war in 2006 and threatened to incite a significant escalation.” But what really happened?

What is Turkey’s Role in Syria and in the Fight Against ISIS?

The refugee container camp at Nizip, Turkey. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

By Hilmi Yazar

The Middle East is facing turbulent times. The rise of the Iraq and Syria based militant group, ISIS, has demanded the attention of many in the world. Whether it be from ISIS, other militants, or even Assad’s Syrian Army, the people of Syria are those who have suffered the most. Alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people should be the main concern of the world powers. Yet some do not see it this way and use this civil war to advance their political gains. Turkey is in the middle.

OP-ED: Rasmea Odeh Fundraiser Successful Despite Opposition Threats

Photo by SJP Chicago

By Adeeba M.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, Students for Justice in Palestine’s (SJP) Chicago network successfully hosted a fundraising dinner for Palestinian community leader Rasmea Odeh at DePaul University. The event had an overwhelming turnout despite the snow, security issues, and threats from opposition groups. More than 200 guests packed the Student Center’s largest venue to support Rasmea in her current legal case.