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Surfacing again: The Palestinian refugee problem


By Nasir Almasri

In 1948, the UNGA passed a resolution allowing Palestinian refugees the Right of Return. Resolution 194 asserted that Palestinian refugees have the inalienable right of return to where they had resided before the onset of the War, and that they should do so as soon as possible. In its obsessive campaign to hold a Jewish majority, Israel continues to deny return and has ignored a UN General Assembly that has reaffirmed this right “over 40 times” since its ratification 64 years ago.

Unfinished stories destroy the Muslim image


By Isamar Mendoza

The article, “Hostility Between Muslims and German Nationalists Rattles a Former Capital,” by Melissa Eddy gave a one sided view on the rally in Bonn, Germany between Muslims and German Nationalists. Eddy explained that on May 5, 2012 a right-wing group, Pro-NRW, showed praying Muslims insulting caricatures of their prophet Muhammad, which led to a violent uprising. The article portrayed Muslims as dangerous and at fault for the disturbance of peace. It also described and justified the fear and contempt the residents feel against Muslims. However, it did not explain why the praying Muslims acted so defensively or that Pro-NRW has a history of expressing Islamaphobic ideas.

Defense of American Muslims doesn’t mean compromising justice

qanta ahmed thumbnail copy

By Sarah Goomar

In “The Evolution of an Anti-Islamist Muslim”, a Huffington Post opinion piece, Qanta A. Ahmed highlights her coming to terms with an Islam that was alien to the one she knew and loved – that of the “fascist”, combatant, and extremist Islam that many Muslim Americans have also come to vehemently reject in the post 9/11 world. Though she merits applause in her denouncement of Islamist ideologues around the world, Ahmed goes as far as to pinpoint and specify the goal with which these militant groups operate – one that is literally too close for comfort: “Their goal is to promote a unified sense of disadvantage and debasement of Muslim Americans.” She urges Muslim Americans to come together in denouncing and resisting these Islamist forces, but dually undermines those who do so but choose also to acknowledge and fight the presence of Islamophobic forces in American society.