Kavanaugh Hearings Delegitimize Severity of Sexual Assault

Instead of providing evidence of his affairs during the alleged assault, Kavanaugh appealed to the ethos of his audience in a series of seemingly unrelated topics ranging from his love of coaching basketball to his female friend’s affirmation of his good character.
Muslim-Americans are well aware of the anti-black, anti-Latinx, queerphobic, class, sect, and conversion discrimination that are the skeletons in the mainstream communities' closets.
This response is meant to put this tragedy in context; a grown, trained police officer shot a child. That act should forever be unforgivable and inexcusable. Van Dyke and all other officers who act out of irrational fear should not be given the benefit of the doubt. Van Dyke murdered McDonald, and his actions should have consequences.
According to Al Jazeera, those in favor of gun control are concerned that the firearms made from 3D printers will be “untraceable, undetectable ‘ghost’ firearms that pose a threat to global security”. Allowing these blueprints to be available on the internet will only make a growing problem worse.
Areas of Kerala’s commercial capital, Cochin, are completely submerged, making it nearly impossible for people to evacuate by road or railway. Residents have also reported that the water is “neck deep."
On May 23, 2018 the NFL implemented a final policy regarding the National Anthem. The policy, which had been reported to be a unanimous decision, was not even held under a formal vote. The decision was held by asking if any of the owners were against the policy: it has been reported that no owners rejected. It demands that all players must stand for the anthem and gives teams the right to fine and suspend their players if they sit or kneel. The rule does allow the option for players to remain in the locker room during the anthem; however, such a hidden exercise of free speech takes away the whole essence of raising awareness. Many of the owners around the league believed that this policy would be beneficial to players wanting to protest.
On Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Pennsylvania grand jury released a 1,356-page report that shined light on a long-kept secret in the Catholic Church. The report revealed the thousands of children that were sexualized and abused by about 300 priests.
More than 75 people gathered at Chicago’s Thompson Center Thursday afternoon to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and call for its abolishment.
As the public has progressively begun to understand, credible journalism is more important than ever. Some have even gone so far to call the press the fourth branch of government, holding politicians and society as a whole accountable in trying times. For our leaders to call out any article they find displeasing as “fake news” is putting our fourth branch of government in danger.


We all forget the little things, sometimes.
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