Who Are We Really Marching For? Critical Reflections a Year after the Women’s March

The Women's March is being heralded as a beacon of hope in Trump's America. But, can we really hold it to the standard of diversity?

It’s 2018

Who else tries to deflect their stress onto other issues? Anyone? Anyone? Just me, then?
You belong here. Don't let anyone tell you differently.


You know the best way to fix things? Take action and fix them yourself.
Chicago Public Housing Authority (CHA) is the largest landlord in the City of Chicago, obtaining rent every month from more than 50,000 households. Its notoriously poor resources lead tenant leaders, like Cabrini Green’s Marion Stamps, to organize their communities to fight back.
Around two thousand demonstrators were heard chanting “This is not acceptable, Jerusalem is our capital” throughout the streets of Chicago downtown during a rally organized by the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine (CCJP) Thursday evening. Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital prompted Chicago organizations to protest the...


Don't make this a habit.
Want to engage in artistic self-care? Looking for some literary masterpieces? Maybe a list of fictional novels about diverse identities, from diverse identities? Look no further. In this book list, we are focusing solely on books about diverse characters that are written by diverse authors. We recognize the importance...
Two artists, Eileen Rae Walsh and Sam Yi Yao Chao, had been working together on an exhibition for three months titled Without Proper Engagement. They sat silently in chairs across from each other on a Saturday night. A small blue water basin placed at the feet of the...
Just two weeks ago, The Chicago Monitor decided it was necessary to start discussing the importance of self-care, especially for those of us who are constantly bombarded with news of global political unrest, gun violence and police brutality. For those of us that are left overwhelmed with diverse feelings...







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