#NotMyLoyola: The Aftermath of Racial Profiling at Loyola University Chicago

In the aftermath of an incident of racial profiling by Loyola University Chicago’s Campus Police, along with the aggressive mishandling and arrest of two students of color, a group of student organizers have begun a movement entitled #NotMyLoyola to hold the police accountable and bring justice to students of color who have been profiling and attacked by Campus Police.
In The Chicago Monitor's new podcast, The Monitor Minute, host Sufyan Shaltaf introduces a new series, "Meet Chicago." In the first episode, he interviews Choya Webb, the program manager for Peer Health Exchange, Chicago.
“The whole thing. Our motto: a city he’ll never sleep in. We don’t want him, man.”
In the wake of an incident of racially profiling of students by Campus Police, the Loyola University Chicago student body has been up in arms to stand for justice for black and brown students. On Saturday, February 24, students protested the construction of a new athletic facility. At the same...
After witnessing a campus wide controversy at Wheaton College, filmmaker Linda Midgett set forth to address the differences and similarities in religion.
  High school students across Aurora, Oswego, St. Charles, and Batavia staged walkouts to confront gun violence on Wednesday, February 21st. The marches come in the wake of the Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which occurred last week in Parkland, FL.  As a part of nationwide rallies in support for...
Many Muslims returning from the holy pilgrimage of Hajj in Mecca bring back spiritually empowering stories. However, more and more Muslim women are beginning to open up about unspeakable, horrible memories of a journey thought to be holy, pure, and most of all, safe. The victims of these sexual assaults...
The Women's March is being heralded as a beacon of hope in Trump's America. But, can we really hold it to the standard of diversity?

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