Ahmed Rehab

Ahmed Rehab
Ahmed Rehab is an American Muslim activist and writer with a focus on contemporary social issues including civil rights, media relations, and Islam-West relations. Rehab is a regular contributor to print, online, and broadcast media. He has spoken at organizations and University campuses in Chicago and around the United States, as well as in Europe, Australia, Egypt, and Kenya.

Remembering the Legacy of Human Rights Legend Cherif Bassiouni

It is with great sadness that I reflect on the passing of Professor Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni, an early supporter of CAIR-Chicago, three-time annual banquet keynote speaker, and honorary chair member, who transitioned at 8:40 am CST Tuesday morning, September 26, 2017, after battling cancer and related complications. Professor Emeritus Cherif Bassiouni stands in my mind as one of the all-time greats of...

Trump’s Budget Reforms: Cutting Pennies from Peace Building, Putting Billions into War Spending

These programs are not extraneous fat; they help make a country, a civilization! More stunningly, the COMBINED 17 programs cost us each $1.86 a month! So much for cutting the fat out of government spending. In contrast, wars since 2001 have cost taxpayers $8.36 million AN HOUR, and there, Trump promises to increase spending by billions more.

More Executive Orders and Gag Orders on Day Two

While we have all been busy at our offices today, Trump has been busy at his, slipping the following Executive Orders & Gag Orders through

Greeting card turns children’s “Muslim” doll into “Terrorist” doll

We missed the humor:  CAIR-Chicago spotted this troubling greeting card (pictured below) in a local store. The card features a photo of a Muslim doll with a Hijab (headscarf) that many Muslim women wear out of religious observance. The The talking bubbles placed on top of the doll's photo read, "The Talking Doll, Pull string for message, if you dare," and...

David Frum offers me condescending praise

David Frum
For those of you who may not be familiar with the name, David Frum is a contributing editor at Newsweek, a featured writer for The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor. He is also the former White House speechwriter who co-wrote Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address that accused Iraq of being part of an “axis of evil.”...

’60 Minutes’ segment on Gulen Movement highly speculative

By most objective standards, Fethullah Gulen is a hero of the modern age. While religious polarization has emerged as one of the most nagging problems our time, stumping educators and causing politicians to loose sleep, the Turkish Muslim scholar has inspired millions around the world to rise above petty ideological differences that only work to divide people and instead...




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