Alexandra Kirchner

Alexandra Kirchner
Alexandra Kirchner is studying at Wheaton College majoring in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies with an interest in African politics.

Muslim Americans, National Security and How Communities are Exploited by Political Parties

“We will defeat ISIS!” has been a regular rallying cry throughout Donald Trump’s campaign events and television appearances. His suggested ban on Muslim immigrants has garnered praise from many Americans. National security and the threat of groups like ISIS have been key areas of public concern in the years since 9/11 and the topic certainly isn’t the exclusive domain...

Are UN Peacekeeping Missions Worth the Time and Resources?

Sending in groups of UN peacekeepers, impartial troops drawn from nations around the world, has been a core strategy of the UN for promoting peace in conflict zones for decades. They claim peacekeeping forces only stay for as long as is necessary to establish a peaceful transition, however, there are several countries in which peacekeepers have been stationed for five years or more, with seemingly little outcome.

China and the New Resource Imperialism in Africa

The biggest player in the economies that populate the vast African continent in the past few years has not been South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, or any of the other economic giants in their respective regions. Instead, China has been steadily increasing its investments in transportation, infrastructure, and raw materials over the past decade. While many countries have experienced an...

Burundi – The Forgotten Refugee Crisis

Amidst much reporting about the growing refugee crisis in Syria, one refugee situation that has been largely forgotten is the one in the small African country of Burundi. Following severe violence during Burundi’s initial civil war, the country seemed to reach stable footing once a democracy was established. However, many fear that the country may soon become an authoritarian regime...

Governor Rauner’s Failing Record on Minority Inclusion

Governor Bruce Rauner was elected in Illinois in 2014, replacing the interim governor Pat Quinn who took over after the indictment of Rod Blagojevich. While one of the biggest criticisms of his administration has been the state’s failure to pass a budget for over a year, what many critics fail to further recognize is Rauner’s questionable track record concerning...

Why Has the West Forgotten About the Violence in South Sudan?

South Sudan has had a long history of intense conflict between Northern and Southern factions as well as among ethnic groups. The source of the conflict that led to the desire for South Sudan to secede has been largely religious and racial, since the Northern part of the country is majority Arab and Muslim while the Southern part is...




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