Alishba Malik

Alishba Malik
Alishba studies at Northeastern University majoring in Justice Studies and minoring in Psychology. Alishba will attend law school in the future.

New Civil Rights Education Data Shows the Bigger Picture

The new data from the Education Department’s Civil Rights Data Collection (released on March 21, 2014) gives prominence to a troubling pattern of zero-tolerance school disciplines policies that unevenly impacts minority students also leading down to preschoolers. “This data collection shines a clear, unbiased light on places that are delivering on the promise of an equal education for every child...

Only Four Mosques for Moscow’s 2 Million Muslim Residents

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin recently said he did not want any more mosques being built in his city, claiming it would attract more Muslims. Such open displays of Islamophobia have been echoed elsewhere in Russia and show a deep rooted problem in the city of Moscow, which currently has a Muslim population of two million residents. While there are two...

A Step Forward: Religious Accommodation in the Military

For many Americans, religion plays a big role in their daily lives. Imagine having to live in a society where no one respects or acknowledges your religion. How would you feel if you were told that you couldn’t come to work unless you cut your beard? For most Muslim and Sikh men who serve in the United States military, this...

Coca Cola Contoversy: super bowl ad sparks debate on American identity

"America is a nation of nations, made up of people from every land, of every race and practicing every faith. Our diversity is not a source of weakness; it is a source of strength, it is a source of our success." -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Coca-Cola aired a Super Bowl commercial on February 2 that sparked a...




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