Aya Nimer

Aya Nimer

Palestine’s New Appeal to the United Nations

In the aftermath of the Gaza war head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is using a new strategy to put international pressure on Israel and to lift his government’s standing among Palestinians. The strategy involves a Security Council resolution that would demand an end to Israeli occupation within three years as well as acceding to the treaty that created the International Criminal Court.

Who Really ‘Won’ the Gaza Conflict?

After 50 days of combat in which more than 2,100 Palestinians, 64 Israeli soldiers and five Israeli citizens killed, many analysts are arguing over who really won the war based on the treaty signed in Egypt on Tuesday. The problem with this analysis, however, is that it does not look at the general effects of the conflict on its participants.

ECHR Upholds Burqa Ban in France, More Laws Follow

The burqa ban, which was passed in 2010, followed France’s original ban in 2004 of all “conspicuous” religious symbols, including the Muslim headscarf, from public institutions such as state schools or town halls.

The Significance of the Al-Jazeera Staff Trials

The recent arrests in Egypt of three Al-Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed follow a decade long trend of decline in press freedom as reported by Freedom House.

Obama’s New Counterterrorism Fund

During President Obama’s commencement speech at West Point in May, The President mentioned plans for the creation of the Counterterrorism Partnership Fund (CTPF).  The fund would finance U.S. efforts to enhance the capacity of states such as Lebanon and Iraq by expanding the training and equipping of foreign militaries, bolstering the counterterrorism capabilities of allies, and supporting efforts to counter...




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