Dartunorro Clark

Dartunorro Clark
Dartunorro graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Political Science and Communications, and is now attending Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Dartunorro is a McKelvie Scholar, the recipient of the CME Group Mayoral Award and is on the Dean’s List.

The re-imagining of African American stereotypes in internet culture

Stereotypes have been presented in many forms of media throughout American history; they vary from ethnic group to ethnic group. African Americans, unfortunately, have consistently been subject to this pernicious subculture for centuries. Recently, stereotypical depictions of African Americans have been underscored by their frequent creation on popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and via various other memes on...

Chicago’s War on Education

Last year, the nation watched in captivation as the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike. Hundreds upon hundreds of teachers, community members, parents--and even students--took to the streets to combat what they saw as the heavy hand of Mayor Rahm Emanuel who was dubbed by some as “The Rahmfather.” There were many supporters of the strikes as well as many detractors. “The Rahmfather”...

Muslim fraternity dispels stereotypes about Islam and Muslim men

You don’t have to go far to find harmful stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs in the mainstream media. In fact, there is a name for those stereotypes—billionaires, bombers, and belly dancers—known as the “three B syndrome,” coined by Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, author of 100 Years of Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim Stereotyping. In addition, these images have been excessively saturated over...

A passion for change: An interview with Noor Tagouri

In December of 2012, 19-year-old Noor Tagouri became a bona fide internet celebrity. This happened when she posted a picture of herself sitting at an ABC News anchor’s desk, proudly wearing a hijab and a bright smile. The photo then spread across social media and gave Tagouri the attention she wanted. But unlike other internet celebrities, Tagouri focuses her...

Mr. President, no time for empty promises

Many Americans watched last week as President Obama presented his first State of the Union Address. This was the first State of the Union address of the President’s second term, and he touched on every issue that has touched the American public in the last year or so; everything from gun violence to bipartisanship to education to immigration. From watching...

US Secretary of State: Strong enough for a man, but fit for a woman

Now that President Obama’s second term has officially begun, his newly appointed cabinet officials will begin their jobs as well. Despite some of the heated political debate of the Senate confirmations of President Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, another senior-level cabinet member’s significance has slipped through the talk of mainstream media roundtables; Senator John Kerry’s appointment as Secretary...

A tale of two cultures: From Steubenville to New Delhi

Rape is a topic that is hard for anyone to tackle. It is one of the most tragic crimes that is committed to many, but more so as an act of violence against women. As Noor Salahuddin, acknowledged in her article, there is a global rape epidemic: "Can rape really be controlled by how women act? And does it not make...

Torture in the land of make believe: Zero Dark Thirty bends the truth

Hollywood has long been the culprit of taking a real-life accounts, adding multi-million dollar budgets, and perhaps an actor or director with the words “Oscar-winning” or “Oscar-nominated” attached to their name and turning it into a big screen, big name film. The dismal part is they leave it just like that. They take a real-life event and add sprinkles...

Palestine & Israel: The context the media misses on the history of a true struggle

The seeds of conflict between Israel and Palestine were planted decades ago, and now have grown into a continuing conflict over a territory between these two groups. This conflict has been warranted by competing ideologies and unjustified by bloodshed, rather than withering away through compromise. To look past the recent week-long conflict, which has now had an agreed cease-fire agreement,...

Did cable news influence the presidential election?

The 2012 elections are now over. We elected the President for a second term. However, it appears that his chances could have been slim to none thanks to the skewing of coverage provided by popular cable news networks, such as Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. Media Matters for America, a nonpartisan media-monitoring organization, whose main mission is to “monitor a cross...




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