Emily Anagnostos

Emily Anagnostos
Emily graduated from the University of Chicago where she studied Middle Eastern politics, history, and Arabic and Farsi. She hails from Cleveland, Ohio and in her free time is part of her university rowing team. She doesn’t think much of Johnny Manziel, but supports Cleveland sports teams all the way.

The Devolution of Twitter in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

On January 15, 2011, a young woman on Twitter used the hashtag #Jan25 for the first time in what would soon become a symbol of revolution and change. “over 16000 of us are taking to the streets on #jan25! join us,” @alyanumbers – then @alya1989262 – wrote. She added a link to a Facebook entitled in Arabic, “A Letter...

Netanyahu 2015: Winning By Fear and Arab Racism

“He mortgaged the future in order to win an election,” David Axelrod said yesterday afternoon on MSNBC. Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party’s reelection last night in Israel has been entitled as a “Big Victory” by every major news station and news source yesterday. “Big Victory,” “Big Night,” “Big Election.” I think I would describe the election as anything but big. By...

The Mysterious Need for New Sanctions on Iran

On March 24, “The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015” will be presented to the Senate. Sponsored by Mark Kirk, a junior Republican senator from Illinois and Robert Menendez, a senior Democrat senator from New Jersey, the bill proposes to expand sanctions against Iran specifically against the sale of Iranian oil and the engineering, construction, and automobile sectors...

Fielding Calls about “Islamic Disconnect” at CAIR-Chicago

At 3:35pm on a Tuesday as I sat at the reception desk at CAIR-Chicago, I received a phone call. As a communications intern with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Chicago, I do a lot of my work from the reception desk and therefore I get a lot of phone calls. This in itself has been a...

The Language of Twitter: Netanyahu Speaks to His Own Citizens

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Twitter account is in Hebrew. For those of you who have never paid any particular interest to his account or have never been on Twitter at all, that statement should be rather uninteresting and unsurprising. Of course it’s in Hebrew, you would say. He’s Israeli and in Israel they speak Hebrew. Except it is surprising. Completely shocking...

Charlie Hebdo: Manipulating “Extremism,” “Victimhood,” and “Freedom of Expression”

For the past week, the television has blared fierce conversations full of provocative labels that have been circling like sharks for the past year - "Extremists," "Islamists," "Jihadis," "terrorists", "anti-Semites," "ISIS supporters," "murderers," and "victims." It was really not until last Wednesday, January 7th, when all of these words suddenly landed together, crashing into a multi-media debate on the spread of militant Islam...




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