Hanan Mohamed

Hanan Mohamed
Hanan is a Government Affairs Intern at CAIR-Chicago. She is originally from Gurnee, Illinois and attends school in Los Angeles. She is a sophomore at Occidental College majoring in Diplomacy and World Affairs. She enjoys studying languages and speaks Spanish. She is also currently studying Arabic and plans to concentrate her studies on the Middle East. Upon graduation from Occidental, Hanan plans to attend graduate school, studying either International Relations or Law. She hopes to be involved in non-partisan development, social justice, or human rights work in the future.

Op-Ed: Challenges for American Muslims in Government and Diplomacy

As many professional fields diversify and seek to better represent the changing face of the United States, many remain alarmingly homogenous. One of these areas happens to be diplomacy, a field I hope to enter post-graduation. In the international arena, it is crucial that the representatives of the U.S accurately reflect our differing races, ethnicities, and religions, among other...

Appropriating Black, Asian, and Islamic Culture for Entertainment

Based on the recent actions of numerous entertainers, it would seem that cultural appropriation of minority groups is at an all-time high. However, this trend of cultural theft and corruption has been present in popular media for decades. While many people acknowledge the cycle of misrepresentation and have been vocal about this issue, far too many remain ignorant of...




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