Joshua Rivera

Joshua Rivera
Joshua studied at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, majoring in political science and international studies. He was previously a coach and event coordinator for the Chicago debate league, and is also a national champion of college parliamentary debate.

Close connections between Latin culture and Islam

Diana Cruz’s mother is Catholic, her father is Mormon, and she is Muslim. Hearing her speak about the diversity of religious identities within her Puerto Rican and Mexican family makes it clear why she became the Director of Latino Outreach at the Institute of Islamic Information and Education (IIIE). Her story of being brought up within mixed identities harkens to...

“Dirty Wars”: A review of Jeremy Scahill’s new documentary

“Dirty Wars”  is a new documentary in which Richard Foley, co-founder of Big Noise Films, follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill as he chronicles the escalation of international covert military operations under the Obama administration. The film takes the viewer, along with Scahill, to countries where the presence of extra-judicial assassinations have fundamentally altered the strategic approach to the “war...

Immigration reform not comprehensive enough

The future direction of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) is unlikely to benefit the 11 million people who live in the United States without access to healthcare. Despite the dual track approach taken by Congress, neither the House nor Senate has been able to provide a bill that would grant undocumented immigrants a means of accessing federal healthcare services. The House...




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