Laith Saud

Laith Saud
Laith is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Religious Studies program at DePaul University. He is completing his doctorate at the University of Chicago in Contemporary Islamic Thought. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Islamic Law and Culture and a regular contributor to NPR. He is a Senior Consultant in Pubic/Government Relations for the Syrian Forum in Istanbul.

Iran Deal Supporters Don’t Care about Iraqi and Syrian People

The European "migrant crisis" was radically affected recently by the sad and telling image of Aylan Kurdi, the three year-old Syrian child who drowned trying to escape the on-going Syrian war.  Until now, the crisis was typically depicted as non-Europeans "burdening" Europe; the sobering photograph of a child’s lifeless body has compelled European leaders to respond.  But no one...

MyJihad: A campaign for perspective

Professor Amitai Etzioni of The George Washington University recently published an op-ed piece questioning the veracity of the MyJihad Campaign.  By now, many are familiar with this groundbreaking campaign, but for those who are not, MyJihad is a public awareness effort designed to educate people – non-Muslim and Muslim alike – on the nuances of the term ‘jihad’ and...




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