Mandie Czech

Mandie Czech
Mandie Czech graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a major in Psychology and minor in Sociology. She is currently getting her MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Her goal is to work as a researcher in the University system examining the role of religion, primarily Islam on people’s lives and choices. She is also interested in writing screenplays documenting the human condition.

Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Designed to Discredit Civil Rights Groups

Even before Donald Trump was sworn in as President, both he and the Republican Party have done their best to distance America from Islam and Muslims. Whether by hateful deceptive rhetoric, congressional legislation, or more importantly now, with excessive executive orders, the party continues to wage unwarranted political attacks. While everyone is busy protesting and trying to defeat the Trump administration's executive...

Liberating the Liberated: How the Burkini Ban Oppresses Women

Recently, the burkini has come under fire in France, much like the burqa has in recent years. According to The Washington Post, the burkini goes against France's secular beliefs, putting the country at odds with those who practice Islam and those who do not. The "burkini" is a full body and head-covering swimsuit that some Muslim women choose to...

Health and Safety Hazards Plague Rio Olympics

The Olympics are a time for people from all countries and walks of life to come together and celebrate in competition. Through laughter, tears of joy and sorrow, we bear witness to great moments in athletics and watch as our favorite athlete goes for the gold. Typically in the weeks leading up to the Olympics, we feel a sense...

How Do Facebook “Community Standards” Ban a Muslim Civil Rights Leader and Support Anti-Muslim Groups?

Facebook is a social network that has over one billion members. It's a place for businesses and artists to connect their facilities or art with people, and a place for families and friends to connect and share their feelings, thoughts, and activities. Facebook prides itself on being inclusive of everyone. Recently, there has been an increase of Islamophobia and...

Muhammad Ali – Muslim and Activist

 "The Greatest" - Muhammad Ali died Friday June 3, 2016 at the age of 74. While his fans and admirers mourn worldwide, news of his death has reminded all people of Ali's humanitarian and anti-racism stances, his disapproval of the Vietnam War, and his religion, Islam. Muhammad Ali will always be considered a sports hero, but he should be...

Fear and Loathing and the TSA

The beginning of the summer travel season has been plagued by increasingly long security lines at all of the major airports. The effectiveness (or non-effectiveness of the TSA) has come under a blinding spotlight. According to the New York Times, the TSA says the number of passengers has increased 12% since 2011, while the number of screeners has declined...

The Gentrification of Chicago’s Public Housing

Chicago is one of many cities that has a notorious past with public housing. When most people hear those words "public housing", media-driven images of poverty-stricken, crime-ridden Cabrini Green and Robert Taylor homes come to mind. While we have taken down those “projects” and have installed some new public housing buildings, we have a long way to go to...

Why Do We Mourn the Loss of Musicians?

Five months into the year and already 2016 has proven itself to be an unfortunate year for music fans. Only ten days into the year, we lost one of the most creative musicians of a generation, David Bowie, to liver cancer. Seven days later Mott The Hoople drummer Dale Griffin died, and not even 24 hours later on January...

Islam and Atheism: An Alliance for Secularism

 The old adage "there's strength in numbers" might sound cliché, but this old saying proves its continued truth particularly in the face of adversity. We all feel the need to stand up for what we believe in, but the trick is to think of others as well as yourself. Our country is a melting pot for diversity, religions, cultures, races...

Why is Interest in Chicago’s Local School Councils Declining?

Local School Council's (LSC's) appear in all Chicago Public Schools. They are responsible for selecting the school's principal, renewing that principal's contract, monitoring the annual School Improvement Plans, and approving how school funds are allocated. Through the creation of LSC's, principal tenure has been effectively ended, giving only four-year contracts. An LSC consists of parents, community members, teachers, and the...




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