Mary Bryne

Mary Bryne
Mary Byrne graduated from Loyola University Chicago majoring in journalism with minors in Arabic and sociology. In the spring of her junior year, Mary spent several months in Rabat, Morocco enrolled in the School for International Training, where she reported a feature-length story on the human rights of migrants in Morocco. In the four months she spent in Rabat, Mary became interested in learning and understanding more about the Islamic culture, particularly in how it is represented in the media.

Loyola Marches with Universities Nationwide to Protest Racial Injustice

“You can’t stop a revolution!” shouted one student into a megaphone, as he looked out into a crowd of students, faculty and alumni at Loyola University Chicago’s campus. “We are the revolution!” they responded, holding signs with words of solidarity with the students at Missouri University’s Campus. On Friday, Nov. 13, hundreds gathered on the East and West Quads of Loyola’s...

Disgraced at the Goodman Theater: What Does It Really Say About Islam and Race?

I wanted to enjoy Disgraced when I went to see it at the Goodman Theatre. I really did. When I first read the synopsis, I thought, great — a show that deals with race and religion in the context of both personal and professional relationships; a show that’s not afraid to take on the subjects so many people are afraid...

Chicago Public Schools Budget Cuts Severely Impact Special Education Programs

Parents and advocates for students with special needs took to City Hall on October 9, protesting the Chicago Public School’s 2016 proposed spending plan, a plan that includes a significant amount of cuts in the area of special education. But it isn’t just the parents who are upset about the cuts; students are, too, according to WGN-TV Chicago. A few...

Morocco’s Open Immigration Policy Threatens to Divide Families

As the world draws its attention to the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into Europe, thousands of migrants – mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa – have poured into Morocco, escaping poverty and wars in their home countries. In a bold move by the Moroccan government, women and child migrants automatically received residency cards – a move which has left...




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