Nabiha Asim

Nabiha Asim

Demonstrators March Through Chicago Protest of Jerusalem Decision

Around two thousand demonstrators were heard chanting “This is not acceptable, Jerusalem is our capital” throughout the streets of Chicago downtown during a rally organized by the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine (CCJP) Thursday evening. Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital prompted Chicago organizations to protest the president’s declaration. “We are here today to send a clear...

3 Heartrending Pieces of News You Missed This Week

  Three Air Raids in Western Aleppo killed At least 50 civilians and wounded over 100 As I found out this piece of information from a medical aid’s twitter account on the tragedy that that never made headlines, I proceeded to Google for myself to find out more. Shockingly, there was only one story in the top stories section from...

Unmosque-ing the Stigma Behind Disabilities in the Muslim Community

  Feryaal Tahir and her family were once afraid to bring their Autistic family member to the mosque. Just as any other Muslim wanting to partake in mosque activities, F. Tahir took her sister to the mosque and as they were having a good time, F. Tahir started to notice unwanted stares and a woman scooting herself and her daughter...


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