Ryeshia Farmer

Ryeshia Farmer
Ryeshia Farmer studied at Carthage College double majoring in Great Ideas and English with a Creative Writing Concentration and minoring in political science. Her experiences in journalistic advocacy, studies in political science, and inspiration from Martha Nussbaum’s novel, Creating Capabilities, ignited her passion for using journalism as a form of advocacy. However, Ryeshia realised this passion through staff reporting for her college’s news publication and writing R&B music and spoken word poetry. She is a member of Kappa Phi Eta Social Service Sorority and held positions on the executive board of Carthage’s Black Student Union during her first two years at Carthage.

Halloween: It’s a Culture, Not a Costume

Popular opinion says that Christopher Columbus, aka Cristóbal Colón, is responsible for the discovery of America. However, this ship captain was actually hired by the Queen of Castile and the King of the Aragon, who were married and ruled their united kingdoms together, to sail to India and establish the spice trade. Taking on this responsibility from his employers, Cristóbal Colón...

Prison Reform and the Black Lives Matter Movement

The current Prison Reform and Black Lives Matter movements are two of the most significant social justice campaigns of our time. The two are receiving long overdue (though not just recently sought) attention at both national and local levels, especially in Chicago. Though much is being done, there is still much more at stake, leaving a long path ahead...




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