Samia Shameem

Samia Shameem
Samia is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

From Wonderland to Saudi: ‘Alice in Arabia’ Set to Air on ABC Family

TWITTER--Yesterday, beginning at 1PM CST and continuing long after, tweets bearing the hashtag "#AliceInArabia" expressed dismay and weariness towards ABC Family's upcoming drama about Arabs and Muslims. Alice in Arabia is the aspiring TV-drama written by ex-U.S. soldier Brooke Eikmeier. The plot follows an American teenage girl as she is abducted by her Saudi-Arabian grandfather and taken to Saudi Arabia,...

The After-Party: #EmpoweredMuslimWomen

On March 4th, Sabina Khan-Ibarra hosted a Twitter party, with Aisha Saeed and Laila Alawa helping to moderate it. The cause: to celebrate #EmpoweredMuslimWomen. The conversation gave Muslim women the chance to define themselves, instead of everyone else doing it for them. The result: #EmpoweredMuslimWomen was trending in the United States. Empowered Muslim women were trending—talk about foreshadowing. And, of...

Stunning Cows into a Fool’s Paradise: Denmark Fabricates Animal Welfare

DENMARK – The ritual slaughter of animals, Islam's Zabiha and Judaism's Shechita are under fire as of February 17th. Denmark has made it a requirement that animals be stunned prior to slaughter, which means religious slaughter is no longer an option. "Animal rights come before religion" was the statement given by Denmark's Dan Jørgensen, the Minister of Food, Agriculture...

Staying Home for Eid: What You Can Do

Lately, various petitions have been circulating around the country, calling on the Obama administration to recognize Muslim holidays within public schools. While the fact that Muslims are taking the initiative to have their voices heard is commendable, it’ll prove beneficial to discuss a few points: 1. The federal government does not monitor or regulate school closings and holidays. This task...

Hello, Khan—may I call you Terrorist?

Last September, days after the anniversary of 9/11, Nina Davuluri, the Indian-American 'Miss New York', was crowned Miss America. The aftermath: As the Miss America results show, Americans are willing to label anyone with dark skin a terrorist. #racism — Steve Rose (@steveplrose) September 16, 2013 Racism and bigotry—have we ever discussed, ruminated about, or acted against it? When we glance inside our...




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