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Restorative Justice is More Than Just an Alternative

Restorative justice, as a framework for being in right relationships, permeates all aspects of life. The panel concluded by suggesting individuals can start to use this framework in their daily life. Prisuta, challenged the audience to dig deeper in our understanding of conflict and in our relationships with one another. Ramirez emphasized that he can’t give advice because he can only speak from his personal experience, what works for him might not work for others. That said, he encouraged the audience to “have a listening heart.” Ultimately, the best way to bring restorative practices into your own life is to first it, said Yamini. Kannout agreed and encouraged the audience to take conscious actions in their personal life to open space for restorative dialogue either through a peace circle or other forms practices.

Kavanaugh Hearings Delegitimize Severity of Sexual Assault

Instead of providing evidence of his affairs during the alleged assault, Kavanaugh appealed to the ethos of his audience in a series of seemingly unrelated topics ranging from his love of coaching basketball to his female friend’s affirmation of his good character.




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