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Solomon Collins is an undergraduate student at Loyola University of Chicago. His interests focus on international news, foreign languages, technology, cross-cultural communication, and global politics.

Court Decides Texas Voter ID Law Violates U.S Voting Rights Act

Texas voter ID law violates the U.S Voting Rights Act and actively discriminates against the impoverished and minorities, according to a ruling by a federal appeals court. On Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled 9-6 about the law's effects on African-Americans, Latinos and lower-income voters. The panel consisted of a 15 judges, 10 of which...

Muhammad Ali – An Undefeated Spirit

 Three-time champion and renowned global humanitarian Muhammad Ali died at 9:10 pm on Friday, June 3rd. Ali, 74, was hospitalized in Phoenix earlier due to respiratory issues. He died due to septic shock from unspecified natural causes, according to family spokesman Bob Gunnell. Before his famous predictions like “I’ll Just Say ‘Boo!’/He’ll Go in Two,” his time as a commencement...

LGBT Equality Under Attack in North Carolina

On March 23rd, Governor Pat McCrory (R) signed bill HB 2, legalizing discriminatory practices towards military veterans and LGBT individuals in North Carolina. The measures of the bill prevent LGBT citizens from receiving anti-discrimination protection from their cities or counties, and using bathrooms of the gender they identify with. HB 2 also prevents veterans from having protection against discriminatory...




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