Taira Alabi

Taira Alabi is currently a student at the College of DuPage where she has served as the news editor of the Courier Student Newspaper and covered the scandal that rocked the College’s board of trustees. After living in both Nigeria and four different states in the U.S, she has learned to adapt to whatever situation she is in and learn from the people around her. Taira has seen all sorts of activism in her travels including student activism at colleges.

Is Islamophobia a Driver for Radicalization in the West?

When I was in first grade, I remember being rounded up out of my classroom one day and sent home. At that time, I lived in a New Jersey town not too far from New York City. Once I got home, my whole family huddled around the TV as we watched images of blood covered people searching for help...

Student Activism at Chicagoland Community Colleges

In 2015, the world saw a year fueled by activism. From the University of Missouri protests against racism to protests against the treatment of Syrian refugees in Europe, the world saw activism doing what it does by definition: bringing awareness to social and political issues. Right here in Chicago, activists helped bring national attention to the shooting of Laquan...




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