Tauseef Akbar

Tauseef Akbar
Tauseef Akbar is a Chicago-based writer and activist and has worked with a number of national civil rights organizations. He holds a BA in English with a concentration on Creative Writing and is pursuing his graduate degree in Islamic studies.

Burma Foreign Ministry Calls for “Rohingya” Not To Be Used By Embassies to Describe Boat Capsizing

Last month a boat carrying Rohingya who were traveling from their camp for internally displaced people, to the Rakhine state capital of Sittwe capsized, resulting in the deaths of 22 people. In response to the tragedy, the US embassy released a statement extending "condolences" to the Rohingya victims of the disaster. The embassy statement also noted that “Restrictions on access to markets, livelihoods, and...

New Burma Religious Affairs Minister Calls Muslims Not Full Citizens

The new Burmese Minister of Religion, Aung Ko (former member of the military regime), has in the span of three days created a storm of controversy. The Burma Task Force confirmed with the Burmese Voice of America service that Ko described Muslims as “associate citizens,” implying they are not “full citizens." This is inconsistent with the Burmese Constitution and is...

Why Does Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Object to Being Interviewed by a Muslim?

Peter Popham, the author of a previous autobiography about Aung San Suu Kyi, titled “The Lady and the Peacock,” recently revealed in his new book that after a contentious interview with BBC presenter, Mishal Husain, Suu Kyi was heard angrily saying, “no one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.” Her statement has reverberated around...

Burma President Thein Sein Cancels ASEAN Trip for Fear of Rohingya Genocide Charge

Last year in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, President Barack Obama announced that he would convene a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Late in December the White House set the date for the summit, Feb.15-16 2016 at the “Camp David of the West Coast,” Sunnylands, California. President Thein Sein of Burma was among the leaders who were...

Despite “Democratic” Election Hype, Life For Burmese Muslims Likely To Get Worse

On November 8th, many Burmese suffered long lines at polling booths across the nation to vote in elections that are being heralded by world media as “historic,” “fair” and “democratic.” Political leaders have been doing the same: President Barack Obama called them “free and fair,” PM David Cameron described them as a “landmark...step toward democracy,” adding that it was...

#LetRohingyaVote – Fighting the Disenfranchisement of the Rohingya Muslims

On November 8th, the South East Asian nation of Burma will hold primary elections in what is being touted as evidence of its path towards democratization after long decades of harsh military rule. The day will have arrived as a result of years of internal and external pressure that sought to open Burma’s politics and economy. However, these efforts and...

Does the Voice of America Want to Be Associated With an Extremist Buddhist Group?

What would the reaction be if the "official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government," Voice of America (VOA), shared programming space on a satellite provider that also hosted programming by Al-Qaeda or ISIS? One could expect criticism to be rife and swift. Fox News and other right-wing media would air non-stop coverage propagating conspiracy theories about President...




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