Walid Sankari

Walid Sankari
Walid is studying Philosophy and Business Management at Loyola University of Chicago. He hopes to gain further awareness about the crisis in Syria and aid the Chicago Muslim community.

The Loss of One of Our Own – A Tale of Two Brothers

The world was repulsed yet unsurprised as the so-called Islamic State beheaded another western hostage on camera. A video released by ISIS on November 16th titled “Although the Disbelievers Dislike It” depicted the death of American Peter “Abdul Rahman” Kassig, purportedly in retaliation for American military intervention in Iraq and Syria. It is a brutal public relations routine the world...

The City That Never Lets You Sleep

New York has not been the most welcoming city for Muslims. The memories of the Twin Towers in flames and crumbling to the earth remain fresh in the minds of many residents, and prejudice has been a reality for many. However, the people of New York have always been a diverse collection of communities, and local Muslims have fought...

US war on Syria diverted while war on US Syrians continues

What has shocked the international community most about this year’s Snowden scandal was the disproportionate apathy that was seemingly displayed by the American public. While there were protests in Hong Kong and Berlin, there was no significant public mobilization of proportional scale within the United States. There were feeble attempts to "Restore the Fourth," but such demonstrations largely failed...

Law enforcement strategies in Muslim communities need reform

The dialogue between Muslims in America is dominated by the poor relationships between Muslim communities and law enforcement and domestic security agencies, characterized by a deep feeling of mistrust and scrutiny on both sides. It is the responsibility of Western societies—Muslims included—to lay the foundations for the social infrastructure needed to assure a higher degree of social cohesion between Muslims and mainstream...




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