William Von Schrader

William Von Schrader
William is currently attending DePaul University and majoring in political science. He previously interned for Karen Buck a member of parliament in the UK in 2011.

Mali: Africa’s ground zero in the global “War on Terror”

Since January, American news outlets have been flooded with stories about France’s two month campaign to oust a group of Islamic terrorists that had recently gained total control over the northern region of Mali.  Reports of ghastly violations of human rights coming from these areas under rebel control, along with France’s claim to be fighting Al-Qaeda-linked extremists, may lead...

The Terminators: Is America’s drone campaign really winning the War on Terror?

The year is 1984, and James Cameron’s The Terminator is one of the highest grossing box office hits of the year. This film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, tells a story of a futuristic mechanized assassin traveling back in time to “terminate” Sarah Connor, the mother of John Connor, the future leader of the resistance against the machines....

Blowing the whistle on the West: Involvement in arms trade raises questions

The countries of the Western world, specifically the United States, have always prided themselves on being the champions of democracy, freedom, and human rights.  Throughout the last century alone we saw wars fought all across the globe in the name of these ideals. In recent memory, the West, led by the U.S., has intervened in several cases to rid...




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