Yasmina Blackburn

Yasmina Blackburn
Yasmina Blackburn is a regular blogger at yasminareality.com and the Huffington Post. She’s also a contributer to The Good Men Project. She is a Board Member of the MyJihad Public Education Campaign which seeks to take back the narrative on Islam and Muslims.

It’s Election Season And I Have Faith

The 2016 elections are like none we’ve seen before. If you were to look up the meaning of “rock bottom,” the picture that would pop up would be the presidential debates of 2016. Typical political mudslinging has now morphed into a bizarre dimension we all have become trapped in — showcasing the crude, the rude, the vulgar and the sleazy....

Dear Bill Clinton: We Are Americans Who Are Muslim, Not Your Political Pawns

It’s the morning after. I’m With Her feminists are rejoicing; Feel the Bern progressives are hurting; and, Muslim Americans are hurting too. The day history was made at the Democratic National Convention marking the first time a woman has been nominated for President was also the day her party relegated all Muslim Americans as simply pawns in the political...

Where was Ted Cruz Radicalized?

Pot? Meet kettle. When GOP presidential candidate, Ted Cruz stated, “We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized,” I chuckled. I mean - it’s no laughing matter to stigmatize and ostracize an entire community based on their religious affiliation- but I find it funny. The Muslim community has already been monitored for years....

Trump Protests Continue in New York and Arizona as Chicago Student Organizers Respond to “Thug” Label

As the presidential primaries have moved west and candidates continue to reach out to American voters, protests continue against Donald Trump. Crowds marched in front of the Trump Tower in New York on Saturday, chanting slogans condemning the hateful rhetoric that has become a staple of his campaign. Meanwhile protesters blocked an Arizona highway leading to the Trump rally,...

‘The Wrong Kind of Muslim’ is the right kind of reading for those who value free thinking

Have you ever been in a friendly debate with someone over differing beliefs?  Whether it be political, religious, economic or sport related, our beliefs are a culmination of our personal experiences and journey through life. Though our beliefs can also be based on family traditions and can change throughout our lifetime, those things that we discover on our own,...

Glenn Beck’s ‘The Blaze’ gets it wrong on the #MyJihad campaign

The letter to the editor below was submitted to The Blaze  on Monday, January 7, 2012. Sharona Schwartz, author of the January 7, 2013 Blaze article, “‘My Jihad’: CAIR ad campaign tries to rebrand ‘jihad’ as a positive word,” presents clear misrepresentations regarding the #MyJihad Public Education Campaign. 1) Unlike what the title of this article implies, the #MyJihad Public Education...




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