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Op Ed: Off the Streets, But Not in the Classroom

Dorothy Counts

By Carson ParishCarson Parish

Recently, Edwardsville Public Schools, District 7, located in a small suburb of St. Louis across the Illinois border, banned the discussion of the events surrounding the Aug. 9th killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Celebrities “Tweet” On Israel-Palestine Conflict

Photo Courtesy of

By Allen Kenneth Schaidleallen-cm

Across the United States, from politicians to celebrities, individuals are adding their voice to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Both sides have their outspoken patrons, with what seems to only be a few remaining unpartisan. When heavy-weight names add their voice to international and national debates, it certainly brings attention to the issue. As the audience, we need to critically analyze the voices we listen to and sometimes just take them as another opinion on the matter.

Civil and Political Rights Don’t Appear Overnight


By Dyzio J. Guzierowiczdyzio-cm

Solidarność. Solidarity. That was name that was chosen in 1980 for the “illegal” labor union that was to represent workers of Gdańsk’s Shipyards in their quest for worker’s rights. However, that union evolved into a powerful political party that represented hope for people of Poland within a few short years. Solidarność turned into the face of the anti-Soviet Socialism movement of Poland in the 1980’s. During their quest to overthrow Communist rule in Poland, Solidarność gained vocal support from several important leaders internationally, most notably from Pope John Paul II in the Vatican.

We Know What You Did: The Adrien Broner and Donald Sterling Case


By Nick Burandt nickburandt_monitor

Most people by now are familiar with the Donald Sterling NBA case that has created uproar from NBA players, coaches, owners, and the American public. However, what you might not have heard about are the racist comments from boxer, Adrien Broner, on live Pay-Per-View TV Saturday night.

January 11: A Day to Speak Up Against Islamophobia and Stereotyping


By Joe Scarrycm_logo-thumbnail

Two very important events will take place in Chicago on January 10 and 11, 2014.

Timed to coincide with the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, a vigil will be held in Federal Plaza (Adams and Dearborn) beginning at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 10; and an evening of dramatic interpretation and followed by a panel discussion will take place Saturday, January 11, at Grace Place (634 South Dearborn).

MyJihad: A campaign for perspective


By Laith Saud

Professor Amitai Etzioni of The George Washington University recently published an op-ed piece questioning the veracity of the MyJihad Campaign.  By now, many are familiar with this groundbreaking campaign, but for those who are not, MyJihad is a public awareness effort designed to educate people – non-Muslim and Muslim alike – on the nuances of the term ‘jihad’ and its largely spiritual character.  The necessity of such a campaign is clear; the term ‘jihad’ has been the centerpiece of an anti-Muslim, pro-war discourse.  Over the last twelve years, wherever public discussion on ‘jihad’ or ‘jihad and Islam’ has taken place, much of it has been hawkish – leading the public to ascend to disastrous conclusions, like in 2003, when 70% of the American public thought Iraq had something to do with 9 -11.  Those who supported the MyJihad campaign argue that it is a healthy contribution to the public discourse, broadening our perspective on Islam and arming the public against over-zealous hawks that still use Islam as an excuse to go to war.

Piers Morgan fails to challenge Ed Koch’s bigotry


By Scott C. Alexander

On the night of Friday, February 1st, 2013—while watching CNN—I witnessed two men of some prominence disgrace themselves on national television, and the worst part about the whole affair was that neither of them appeared to realize what he was doing.

America’s only football factory, Palestine’s only keffiyeh factory


By Sami Kishawi (courtesy of Sixteen Minutes to Palestine)

Wilson, the official football-maker for the NFL, secured a spot during this year’s Super Bowl to run a rather moving commercial taking viewers inside the only dedicated football factory in the United States where footballs are laced by hand and prepped for play in the championship game.

‘The arrogance of power’


By Sami Kishawi (courtesy of Sixteen Minutes to Palestine)

In the video above, a Bahraini police officer reportedly known as Ali Aaref slaps a man carrying his child twice without provocation. The young boy, wrapped in his father’s arm, begins to cry.

Summary of new UN investigation of latest Israeli assault on Gaza


By Sami Kishawi (courtesy of Sixteen Minutes to Palestine)

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (UN OCHA oPt) just published a 35-page initial rapid assessment of Israel’s latest invasion of Gaza which officially spanned eight days starting on November 14, 2012. The investigation more formally known as the Multi-Agency Initial Rapid Assessment of Gaza was conducted just days after a ceasefire brought relative calm to the territory.