Chicago’s Red Light Camera Program tags Thousands with $100 Fines

After thousands of motorists have been tagged with $100 fines, a group of aldermen are asking for a watchdog to investigate Chicago’s red light camera program. Last Monday, Chicago City Council spoke on the issues of the program and mainly, whether or not there’ll be refunds for motorists wrongly issued.

Quinn Signs New Bill that gives Epilepsy Patients Access to Medical Marijuana

Soon adults and children with epilepsy will gain access to the use of medical marijuana in Illinois under a law signed on July 20 by Governor Pat Quinn. This new law, SB 2636, is...

Thousands of Chicagoans March for Palestine

On Sunday, July 20th, thousands of Chicagoans gathered downtown to protest recent events related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. While there is no exact figure on the number of attendees, estimates run as conservatively as 2,000 to as enormous as 10,000 and is arguably the largest Palestinian protest in Chicago to date.

Chicago Activists Protest ‘Bomb Trains’ Carrying Oil through Local Neighborhoods

Local activists and environmental groups recently held protests to spotlight their concern that “bomb trains” carrying highly volatile crude oil could be traveling through densely populated Chicagoland neighborhoods. According to an article released by the...

New law puts African-Americans in charge of minority-focused programs

A new legislation will put African-Americans in charge of minority-focused programs. Sen. Mattie Hunter proposed a bill, SB 121, that will allow African-Americans to be included in the planning process of local community groups.

Investment in Community Service has the Greatest Return during Ramadan

Charity in the form of community service and civic engagement is the most rewarding during the month of Ramadan

Chicago & the World Protest Collective Punishment of Palestinians

Over 1000 people from a coalition of Chicagoland Palestinians, along with members of student, faith-based, human rights and  social justice groups, turned out for a rally and march last Saturday to demand an end...

Fasting, the Key To Power

Fasting is an old ritual observed in many cultures, traditions, and religions, including but not limited to, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism. People in different traditions do it for many reasons, some of which, spiritual...

Chicago to Compete with New York and Hawaii for Obama Presidential Library

Yesterday, The Barack Obama Foundation announced that they received 13 requests for qualifications (RFQ’s) from universities and institutions in New York, Hawaii and Chicago to host the Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum.