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Defense Confirms: Rasmea Odeh Targeted for Palestine Activism

Photo by Bill Chambers

By Bill Chambers

The defense team for Chicago Palestinian community leader, Rasmea Odeh, have uncovered new evidence that confirms her alleged immigration fraud case is based on her being targeted for Palestine activism. Yesterday, they filled a motion to dismiss the indictment against her.

OP ED: Obama’s Ferguson Speech was an Existential Crisis


By Josh Tikka

Yesterday the nation looked to it’s leader for guidance and resolution in the midst of tragedy. Pres. Obama took the podium fifteen minutes after his slated speech time, which sparked the #whereisobama hashtag. In a way we are still asking this.

Chicago Protests Media Silence on Palestinian Deaths in Gaza

Photo by Bill Chambers

By Bill Chambers

Last Sunday, an estimated 8,000 people protested in Chicago against the media silence on the over 2,000 deaths in Gaza during the current conflict. Proving the point, the protest was barely covered by the local media.

Celebrities “Tweet” On Israel-Palestine Conflict

Photo Courtesy of

By Allen Kenneth Schaidleallen-cm

Across the United States, from politicians to celebrities, individuals are adding their voice to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Both sides have their outspoken patrons, with what seems to only be a few remaining unpartisan. When heavy-weight names add their voice to international and national debates, it certainly brings attention to the issue. As the audience, we need to critically analyze the voices we listen to and sometimes just take them as another opinion on the matter.

Chicago to Welcome Hundreds of Migrant Children

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Mail.

By Sarah Husainsarah-cm

While Congress debates tightening border security and deporting illegal immigrants, Chicago may be housing up to 1,000 refugee children by the end of the year. Last week, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel announced that Chicago will accept some of the thousands of unaccompanied minors who’ve fled to the U.S.-Mexican border from Central America. Many Chicagoans are wondering where these children are going to stay and how they are going to be protected in a city struggling to protect its own child citizens.

NBC Chicago Made a Mistake by Connecting Hate Crime to Sunday


By Kiersten Hellegers.sarah-cm

To the editor of the CBS Chicago online publication,

Monday, Jul 21, 2014, NBC Chicago posted a report about a leaflet threatening crimes against the Jewish community if Israel does not end its siege of Gaza. NBC Chicago made a mistake by connecting this hate crime to Sunday’s peaceful Chicago protest against Israel’s strikes on Gaza. The fact is, there are hate crimes against both Jews and Muslims in Chicago, and trying to make the Israel-Palestine Conflict a religious issue only adds to this problem.

“The Newburgh Sting”: HBO Documentary Explores Issue of FBI Entrapment

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times.

By Sarah Husain.sarah-cm

Five years ago, four men in the poverty-stricken town of Newburgh, New York were sentenced to 25 years in prison for an attempted bomb plot. Prosecutors painted the suspects as homegrown Muslim terrorists, with plenty of evidence that the “Newburgh Four” planned to destroy a Bronx synagogue. What the jury did not hear was that these men were not the masterminds behind the plot, they were being paid by an FBI informant to take part in it.

Devon Avenue Eid al-Fitr Celebration Interrupted by Chicago Police (Audio, Video)

By Agnieszka Karoluk

On the evening of July 27,  thousands of Muslims in Chicago received confirmation that Ramadan has ended and Eid al-Fitr has begun. Although Chicago has many Muslim communities- including but not limited to Bosnian, Palestinian, African-American, Nigerian, and hundreds of converts, one community in particular has an annual tradition of celebrating Eid al-Fitr in a public way. What began as a celebratory atmosphere of musical instruments, dancing, and henna- ended with one arrest, and dozens of police cars and patrol officers harassing community members.

Quinn Signs New Bill that gives Epilepsy Patients Access to Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana_thumb

By Cynthia Martinezcythina-cm

Soon adults and children with epilepsy will gain access to the use of medical marijuana in Illinois under a law signed on July 20 by Governor Pat Quinn. This new law, SB 2636, is the latest in a series of governmental measures that loosen restrictions on cannabis in U.S. states.

Thousands of Chicagoans March for Palestine

Photo Courtesy of Allen Schaidle.

By Allen Kenneth Schaidle allen-cm

On Sunday, July 20th, thousands of Chicagoans gathered downtown to protest recent events related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. While there is no exact figure on the number of attendees, estimates run as conservatively as 2,000 to as enormous as 10,000 and is arguably the largest Palestinian protest in Chicago to date. Marchers convened along Upper Wacker Drive for the start of the protest. After weaving through downtown, they concluded their march at the intersection of Madison and Canal near Chicago’s Israeli consulate. Throughout the march, chants and songs could be heard resonating within the vicinity of downtown. While there were numerous organizations, individuals, and voices, they all marched for the same cause—an end to the violence in Palestine.