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Why Does Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Object to Being Interviewed by a Muslim?

Mishal Husain and Suu Kyi

Peter Popham, the author of a previous autobiography about Aung San Suu Kyi, titled “The Lady and the Peacock,” recently revealed in his new book that after a contentious interview with BBC presenter, Mishal Husain, Suu Kyi was heard angrily saying, “no one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.” Her statement has reverberated around the world. A Google news search of “Suu Kyi + ‘no one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim’” returns 720,000 results. There is also a petition circulating on demanding that Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace prize be taken away that has already gained nearly 45,000 signatures.

The revelation has shocked many: how can someone who has worked for the restoration of democracy and suffered house arrest for years say something so bigoted? Does Suu Kyi, share in part or wholly the racist and extremist ideology peddled by Buddhist nationalist organizations such as the Ma Ba Tha?

Op Ed – U.S. Department of Justice: The Clock Is Ticking on Police Crime in Chicago


The United States Department of Justice has opened its investigation of the Chicago Police Department, focusing on “…CPD’s use of force, including racial, ethnic and other disparities in their use of force, and its systems of accountability…” Department of Justice (DOJ) investigators were even called to the crime scene of the blatant police murders of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones. The victims and survivors of police crimes in Chicago have been calling on the DOJ to intervene in our city, where there are no systems of accountability – only an ongoing culture of impunity. We eagerly await the DOJ’s findings but, by experience, have no illusions that change can come from any branch of government.

Editorial: #ResignRahm is Not a Hashtag, It’s a Demand


By Bill Chambers

Over the next two weeks, the Black Lives Matter movement in Chicago will continue to protest the police execution of Laquan McDonald and the year long cover-up of his killing. Mayor Rahm Emanuel will pressure Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and States Attorney Anita Alvarez to resign. Both will dutifully agree to be thrown under the bus, while the Mayor will hope no one notices that he was involved in fighting the release of a video showing Police Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald twice in the middle of the road and fourteen times while still alive on the ground. As we all know now, the video was not released and the policeman not even charged before Rahm Emanuel was reelected mayor and not for more than 400 days after the killing.

Neither Chicago nor Illinois law allows for the recall or impeachment of a politician. The people of Chicago will have to force Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign.

The Trumping of America


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MollyPictureThis cartoon was written/drawn by Molly Radley.

The views expressed in this cartoon are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Chicago Monitor’s editorial policy.

Step One: Bury the Confederate Flag….





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MollyPictureThis cartoon was written/drawn by Molly Radley.

The views expressed in this cartoon are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Chicago Monitor’s editorial policy.

Do You Know Where Your Ramadan Dates Come From?

By Zahra Saylawala

It’s just past 8:15PM and I can hear the oil on the stovetop simmer as my mother begins preparing our meal for this evening. I am standing near the window waiting anxiously for the sun to set. Before I go to wash up for Magrib, the evening prayer, I take out dates for each one of us to break our fasts with. Dates are the traditional means for one to break their fasts in Ramadan. Little is known about where these dates came from and how such a small treat causing a smile on my face is the symbol of hardship and struggle for so many others.

Get out the…..signs?


Why is the Anti-BDS Lobby Celebrating Their Non-Victory in Illinois?


By Bill Chambers

If you read the self-congratulatory messages from the anti-BDS lobby, you would think that they won a major victory against what they call “anti-Israel hate.” Here is a message that The Israel Project sent to their supporters.

Congratulations! You helped deal a major blow against the anti-Israel hate movement! In a precedent-setting vote, Illinois has become the first U.S. state to cut off any business that boycotts Israel — and you helped make it happen!

The statement is not only false about the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement being an “anti-Israel hate movement,” but it is also false that Illinois “cut off any business that boycotts Israel.” That last part is the wording of the original bill that was soundly defeated before it even got off the ground.

Chicago Family’s Ordeal to Escape Being #StuckInYemen


By Bill Chambers

This is the story of the Yemeni American Nasser family from Chicago who tried to follow the State Department’s advice and head for the Indian ship that would be sure to rescue them from Yemen. But after hours of working their way to the port of Aden, avoiding snipers and bombings, paying the captain of a small fishing boat to take them to the Indian ship, the ship’s captain informed them only Indian citizens would be taken on board.

Open Letter to Mayor Emanuel: Stand Up for Chicago Yemeni Americans

By Renner Larson

The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of the City of Chicago
121 N LaSalle Street |Chicago City Hall 4th Floor | Chicago, IL 60602

Dear Mayor Emanuel,

Congratulations on your recent re-election. Under your leadership the City of Chicago will continue to prove itself on the world stage. We are, more than ever, a global city, but that status comes with global responsibilities.

As our mayor you represent Chicagoans both in national and international spheres, and we trust in you to advocate for us. At this moment, dozens of Chicagoans fear for their lives as US government fails to evacuate citizens stranded in Yemen. Already American blood has been spilled as violence in Yemen escalates into civil war, yet the State Department refuses to act.