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OP ED: Obama’s Ferguson Speech was an Existential Crisis


By Josh Tikka

Yesterday the nation looked to it’s leader for guidance and resolution in the midst of tragedy. Pres. Obama took the podium fifteen minutes after his slated speech time, which sparked the #whereisobama hashtag. In a way we are still asking this.

Civil and Political Rights Don’t Appear Overnight


By Dyzio J. Guzierowiczdyzio-cm

Solidarność. Solidarity. That was name that was chosen in 1980 for the “illegal” labor union that was to represent workers of Gdańsk’s Shipyards in their quest for worker’s rights. However, that union evolved into a powerful political party that represented hope for people of Poland within a few short years. Solidarność turned into the face of the anti-Soviet Socialism movement of Poland in the 1980’s. During their quest to overthrow Communist rule in Poland, Solidarność gained vocal support from several important leaders internationally, most notably from Pope John Paul II in the Vatican.

Helen Thomas: Notes on her ringside seat to history


By Rhys Leahy

Fidel Castro once said that the difference between democracy in Cuba and democracy in the United States is that “I don’t have to answer questions from Helen Thomas.” During her 70 year career, journalist Helen Thomas was renowned for her unabashed questioning of US politics, and her remarkable tenure in the White House Press Corp, spanning ten American presidents, from Kennedy to Obama. She served as the first female president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, the first female member of the Gridiron Club, as well as the first female officer of the National Press Club.

US Secretary of State: Strong enough for a man, but fit for a woman

John Kerry_thumbnail

By Dartunorro Clark

Now that President Obama’s second term has officially begun, his newly appointed cabinet officials will begin their jobs as well. Despite some of the heated political debate of the Senate confirmations of President Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, another senior-level cabinet member’s significance has slipped through the talk of mainstream media roundtables; Senator John Kerry’s appointment as Secretary of State.

This is significant for media outlets to discuss, and prompting water cooler conversations, mainly because Secretary of State John Kerry is the first white, male Secretary of State in 16-years, and the first male in eight years, and media roundtables enjoy pointing out firsts.

Did cable news influence the presidential election?


By Dartunorro Clark

The 2012 elections are now over. We elected the President for a second term. However, it appears that his chances could have been slim to none thanks to the skewing of coverage provided by popular cable news networks, such as Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

Three’s a crowd: How the media ignored third party candidates


By Dima Ansari

Upon watching the presidential debates between only President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, viewers had almost no way of knowing that there were other presidential candidates on the ballot until they actually got to the polls on November 6.

Why?  Because the “third party” presidential nominees were not even invited to participate in any of the three Obama-Romney-only debates.

This is mainly because both the Democratic and Republican parties exclusively negotiate a contract with each other that sets the terms for the presidential debates behind closed doors during every election.

Middle East war-mongering: Round II


By Nasir Almasri

As the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) heard the concerns of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran’s nuclear programme, the not-too-unfamiliar sound of war drums began to beat again, softly. It has been nearly a decade since the start of the war in Iraq, which – coupled with the war in Afghanistan and a burst of the housing bubble – left our economy in shambles and our global hegemony permanently scarred. Oh, and it has left the Iraqis in an unpleasant predicament in which they continue to attempt to survive.

The Romney heard ’round the world


By Aseal Tineh & Nasir Almasri

Likely presidential Republican nominee Mitt Romney has thankfully returned back to the United States after traveling overseas, visiting the United Kingdom, Israel, and Poland, where he naively hoped to show both the United States and the world at large that he is ready for the presidential stage and international diplomacy. A (seemingly) harmless trip turned into a nightmare for this likely Republican nominee as he managed to fill his short visit with a plethora of gaffes that made even his conservative supporters cringe (this is greatly concerning to conservatives; remember the last Republican in office?)

First on his world trip: the United Kingdom or, as Romney so ignorantly put it, “England.”