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Sectarianism and Islam in Egypt and Saudi Arabia


Islam, like many other religions, is a very diverse religion with many branches. The majority of Muslims belong to the Sunni sect, while the minorities include Shias, Ahmedis, Sufis, and other smaller groups. These sects are all neighbors with one another, and many have learned to coexist peacefully. However, in some Muslim majority countries, being a different sect of the religion can have severe ramifications.

Op Ed – Islam and Atheism: An Alliance for Secularism


The old adage “there’s strength in numbers” might sound cliché, but this old saying proves its continued truth particularly in the face of adversity. We all feel the need to stand up for what we believe in, but the trick is to think of others as well as yourself. Our country is a melting pot for diversity, religions, cultures, races and ethnicities, yet recently our differences are seen less as attributes and more as barriers. This is particularly true with regards to the Republican party. The aptly named “Christian Right” seems in full authority mode asserting that their faith trumps others and that their beliefs alone should govern all. In a country that has no established religion, this is both questionable and disturbing. If minorities don’t stand together to face this adversity, they will continue to be poorly represented and largely ignored. Worse, Christian Republicans might pass laws that undermine our freedom of religion. This would impact everyone. Enter Muslims and Atheists.

Policing Politicians: Attitudes Toward Islam and Islamophobia


By Alexis O’Connor

This is the first of our “Policing Politicians” series where we examine the views of the declared candidates for president on social justice issues. Today we take a look at how all the Democratic and Republican candidates have approached discussing Islam and the problem of Islamophobia.

Framing Islam

Julian Burnside, Australian Lawyer and Human Rights Activist

By Renner Larson

Reporters hungered to cover Monday’s gripping standoff and continued to feast after the situation ended and #illridewith you became the talk of the town, but whether about the horror of a terrorist or the compassion of those who stood by innocent Muslims, these stories illustrate a dangerous flaw in how we define objectivity. The meaning of a picture is changed drastically by how you frame it.

A Muslim-American Take on “Serial”


By Lena Shareef

“Have you heard of this podcast called Serial?”

When three different people (with absolutely no connection to each other) asked me this question in the span of 48 hours, I figured it was time to give Serial a shot.

The Religion of Thanksgiving


By Remal Hindi

When people think of Thanksgiving, they think of how much food they will eat, the outfits they’ll wear, football, and of course, Black Friday. Despite its more superficial modern associations, the essence of Thanksgiving is universal, and has spiritual significance that reflects values of people from all faiths.

Moving Forward: To Each Her Own Lighthouse

By Remal Hindi

What I seek, what I do, and who I am, is a commitment to God and myself. Praying five times a day, fasting the month of Ramadan, and wearing a hijab are practices that help guide me to what is truly important in life. I learned that through my struggles, through the pain of losing my father, and all my unanswered questions, I can move forward because there is always a reason to. It is easy to get caught up in life’s challenges and become insensitive to our surroundings but through the challenges I found the meaning of control and patience.

Devon Avenue Eid al-Fitr Celebration Interrupted by Chicago Police (Audio, Video)


By Agnieszka Karoluk

On the evening of July 27,  thousands of Muslims in Chicago received confirmation that Ramadan has ended and Eid al-Fitr has begun. Although Chicago has many Muslim communities- including but not limited to Bosnian, Palestinian, African-American, Nigerian, and hundreds of converts, one community in particular has an annual tradition of celebrating Eid al-Fitr in a public way. What began as a celebratory atmosphere of musical instruments, dancing, and henna- ended with one arrest, and dozens of police cars and patrol officers harassing community members.

Fasting, the Key To Power


By Hatim Alhathloul

Fasting is an old ritual observed in many cultures, traditions, and religions, including but not limited to, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism. People in different traditions do it for many reasons, some of which, spiritual growth, reconnect with God to seek his blessings, and to be able to achieve self-control.

Muslims are no more terrorists than Chicagoans are violent

cred: WBEZ flickr/Zol87

By Hesham A. HassaballaHesham_CM

As of today, there have been 940 shooting victims in the city of Chicago. Last year, there were 2185 victims of gun violence. Combined, that is more victims than those who perished on 9/11, and that is only for about 18 months. Gun violence in the city has gotten so bad that, earlier this year, the city was nicknamed “Chiraq.” Ouch.