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Unmasking the Wonderful World of Disney


By Bilal Hussain

After learning about the cancellation of the cable television series by ABC Family channel, Alice in Arabia, I found it interesting that a major network such as ABC would make it seem like they were trying to disempower Arabs and Muslims. With that in mind, I find it even more interesting that the Disney Company owns Marvel, the same company that releases the Ms. Marvel comic books. There is a connection between what is being promoted with Alice in Arabia and what is being promoted with Ms. Marvel. While Disney is reinforcing stereotypes of Muslims, Disney is also trying to shatter stereotypes and misconceptions of Muslims with the release of the Ms. Marvel comic book.

Not a Terrorist?


By Hesham A. Hassaballa

I first learned about the incident through a tweet from Boston-based journalist Omar Sacirbey: “Did you hear we caught a terrorist last week?” And I said to myself: “Why, no, I did not.” In fact, most probably, much of the nation did not hear about the terrorist that was caught in the Houston area on March 27.

Zareena Grewal: American Muslims and the Reform of Islam


By Bill Chambers

Zareena Grewal, a historical anthropologist who teaches American Studies and Religious Studies at Yale University, gave the al-Ghazali Intercultural Lecture at Elmhurst College on the topic of “American Muslims and the Reform of Islam”. The focus of her research is on race, gender, religion, nationalism and transnationalism across a wide spectrum of American Muslim communities. Her speech was based on ten years of research for her book, “Islam is a Foreign Country” that explores “how the question of who defines Islam today is intertwined with American Muslim’s identity as a national religious minority and as part of the umma, a global majority.”

From Wonderland to Saudi: ‘Alice in Arabia’ Set to Air on ABC Family


By Samia Shameem

TWITTER–Yesterday, beginning at 1PM CST and continuing long after, tweets bearing the hashtag “#AliceInArabia” expressed dismay and weariness towards ABC Family‘s upcoming drama about Arabs and Muslims.

Alice in Arabia is the aspiring TV-drama written by ex-U.S. soldier Brooke Eikmeier. The plot follows an American teenage girl as she is abducted by her Saudi-Arabian grandfather and taken to Saudi Arabia, where she is imprisoned within his home. Wait, I thought Alice was in Wonderland…

The Nation’s Terrorism Fixation


By Hadeel Hejja

There is an alarming phenomenhadeel_monitoron going around the nation.  In large landmark cities in the United States sensational storytelling remains prominent in mass media. Life has become a narrative for the citizens of the U.S.A, where “news” stories are carefully told with an introduction, following the plot to a climax and then to a resolution to calm the viewers, as a sort of television show as opposed to actual newsworthy content. This is the case in the major-headlined NATO 3 case in Chicago, where the case was poorly backed and the only pretense of the case was another opportunity to denounce terrorism instead of realizing the actual content of the allegations.

Comic book author and illustrator shares thoughts on being Muslim, Arab and artist


By Milos Markicevic 

Chicago Monitor contributor Milos Markicevic interviewed Toufic El-Rassi about his 2008 graphic novel “Arab in America.” The semi-autobiographical book chronicles El-Rassi’s experiences in America as an Arab immigrant and an American Muslim after 9/11.

The re-imagining of African American stereotypes in internet culture


By Dartunorro Clark

Stereotypes have been presented in many forms of media throughout American history; they vary from ethnic group to ethnic group. African Americans, unfortunately, have consistently been subject to this pernicious subculture for centuries.

Recently, stereotypical depictions of African Americans have been underscored by their frequent creation on popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and via various other memes on the internet.

Encapuchados: Chilean extremists receive no attention


 By Nasir Almasri

Protests continue in Santiago, Chile, where hundreds of thousands of activists have taken to the streets to protest the Chilean government. Though the country has been economically prosperous and relatively stable for many years, demonstrations have continued to signal public dissatisfaction with certain government policies. Protesters in the capital are demanding that the government address their wide range of concerns, including education reform, environmental issues, gay rights, Monsanto, and the rights of indigenous populations.

You can’t possibly deny the existence of Islamophobia, Mr. Schanzer


By Dima Ansari

According to Jonathan Schanzer, in his review of Nathan Lean’s book, The Islamophobia Industry:  How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims, “Islamophobia is simply a pejorative neologism designed to warn people away from criticizing any aspect of Islam.”