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Technology Has Changed the Way a Whole Generation Practices Religion


Whether you believe in a religion or not, technology has changed and impacted our practice of religion. From hearing the call of prayer on cell phone applications, to Muslims knowing in what direction to pray, to looking up different passages and verses from any Holy Book, to learning lessons and definitions of any term, to connecting with believers anywhere in the world, technology completely altered the way a whole generation practices their religion.

The Qur’an as Part of American History


There are several instances of Muslims being at the forefront of early American history. In each of these instances, the Qur’an was a key component of the Muslim witness of American history. Anthony Van Salee was one of the first Muslims to settle in Brooklyn; Job ben Solomon was the subject of the first slave narrative in the United States and Great Britain; Salim the Algerine attended the first Continental Congress; and Thomas Jefferson bought a Qur’an and made a treaty with Morocco.

‘Islamic Jew-Hatred’: It’s NOT in the Quran


By Hesham A. HassaballaHesham_CM

Pamella Geller has put up bus ads in Washington, D.C. that say:

Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran. Two-thirds of all US aid goes to Islamic countries. Stop racism. End all aid to Islamic countries.

Her contention is flat-out wrong.

Pamela Geller’s obsession: Countering tolerance


By Matthew Barry

As the nation mourns the senseless violence in Connecticut and politicians in Washington bicker endlessly over the “fiscal cliff,” the #MyJihad public education campaign should have presented an unambiguous bit of good news to a country in sore need of it. Bus ads and Twitter posts promoting peace, tolerance, and understanding; who could possibly object?

Gingrich: Does money influence his views on Muslims and Palestine?

Newt Gingrich

By Uzma Mushtaq

Newt Gingrich, the leading republican nominee for president, recently received $10 million towards his campaign from wealthy, hard-line Israel supporters. In the wake of these generous contributions, Gingrich’s commentary regarding Palestine has caused a legitimate concern amongst many who are aware of the realities regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are amongst the wealthiest couples in the world. Sheldon owns casinos and hotels worldwide and his wife is an Israeli-born physician. The couple contributed $5 million dollars each within 3 weeks to a political action committee supporting Gingrich’s campaign, which is amongst the largest known political donations in U.S. history, according to campaign finance experts.