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Pamela Geller’s obsession: Countering tolerance


By Matthew Barry

As the nation mourns the senseless violence in Connecticut and politicians in Washington bicker endlessly over the “fiscal cliff,” the #MyJihad public education campaign should have presented an unambiguous bit of good news to a country in sore need of it. Bus ads and Twitter posts promoting peace, tolerance, and understanding; who could possibly object?

Gingrich: Does money influence his views on Muslims and Palestine?

Newt Gingrich

By Uzma Mushtaq

Newt Gingrich, the leading republican nominee for president, recently received $10 million towards his campaign from wealthy, hard-line Israel supporters. In the wake of these generous contributions, Gingrich’s commentary regarding Palestine has caused a legitimate concern amongst many who are aware of the realities regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are amongst the wealthiest couples in the world. Sheldon owns casinos and hotels worldwide and his wife is an Israeli-born physician. The couple contributed $5 million dollars each within 3 weeks to a political action committee supporting Gingrich’s campaign, which is amongst the largest known political donations in U.S. history, according to campaign finance experts.