It is an affront to both the legacy and person of Martin Luther King Jr. to whittle down King's totality to the feel-good "dream" King had for the future, while glossing over, whitewashing, or otherwise completely ignoring the feel-bad "reality" he endured throughout his life for no other reason than making the difficult choice to dedicate his life to fighting back against the ubiquitous currents of structural racism, ignorance and hate in this country.

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In Peachment

A woman sits on a couch wrapped in a blanket with a cat at her side, her apartment filled with plants. Her phone, on the coffee table in front of her, is on speakerphone. From it comes a voice asking about how the woman will discuss work, a career, the future, and bills to be paid without a roommate. The caption reads "silence of the plants."

Silence of the Plants

Pumpkin Spice

Madame President?


A Strike for Students: A Timeline

Last week, The Chicago Teachers Union voted to ratify the new five-year-contract with the Chicago Board of Education, officially ending discussions following the historic strike. The Chicago Monitor compiled a visualization of the landmark events leading up to ratification.

Church, State, and the Myth of Separation

The Appellate Court re-iterated that it is only when the government acts with the predominant purpose of advancing or inhibiting religion that it violates the separation of Church and State. Such flies in the face of the very religious neutrality the Appellate Court was apparently trying to strike in its opinion, since it essentially leaves the door open for pre-textual justifications to undermine a Court’s endorsement analysis in the future.

In Peachment

Are peaches still in season? Perhaps they might be...

On Hijab: Veiling the Gaze

One can find article after article, story after story, of women who describe the empowerment, strength, and comfort in observing hijab.






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