The lack of a present Muslim Filipino community similarly creates biases and limits awareness. More coverage of underrepresented groups like Muslim Filipinos in the United States is necessary to combat misrepresentation.

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Loving the Spotlight

Oppression Technique


In Peachment

Pumpkin Spice

Madame President?


Re-Imagined Communities: Social Media, Progressives, and Conservatives

People on their phones, progressives, conservatives
I am not sure if these are mutually exclusive paradigms but watching progressives and conservatives argue past one another is becoming increasingly boring.  Solutions are found in compromise, however compromise in the discourse is becoming increasingly difficult, because the public sphere is a toxic black hole, overwhelming all intelligence and character. 

A Visit to la Casa Al-Fatiha

Violetta, Martha, and Lyn Rye sitting in Casa Al-Fatiha
A house that sits on Diversey Avenue in Logan Square is akin to an international hotel. Founded by Lyn Rye and Mah Nu, Casa Al-Fatiha is an autonomous housing project that provides free housing to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. In addition to providing secure and...

Spotlight on The Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN)

“We work to serve those that are directly affected and a lot of us are directly affected.”

In the Moement: ” The Crazy Contract Clause and Riders in Athlete and Celebrity Contracts”

In the Moement Contract Clause Featured Image
Did you know Jordan had a love of the game clause? Wanna know what celebrities put in their contracts? On this episode Moe talks about some cool, funny, and crazy contract clauses and riders in athlete and celebrity contracts.