CHICAGO - The daughter of Mexican and Palestinian immigrants, Pilsen filmmaker Colette Ghunim is passionate about utilizing documentary to shed light on the immigrant experience and to combat dominant narratives in the media. Ghunim’s newest documentary, “Traces of Home,”...

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7 Must-See Films at Chicago International Film Festival

With the 55th Annual Chicago International Film Festival less than three weeks away, narrowing down its program of 132 feature-films is daunting to say the least. After speaking with members of the programming team, we’ve compiled a list of (what we believe to be) essential feature films to see during the festival’s run.

The Sackler Family: Opioids, Hate, and Money

In addition to taking part in the widespread Oxycontin scheme, The Richard and Beth Sackler Foundation contributed financially to white nationalist ideologies that are deeply rooted in American history.

Crimea and the Decay of Rights for Muslim Tatars

Two Tatar men pray at protests commemorating the 2014 Crimean Tatar deportations
Since March 2014, when Russian authorities invaded and illegally annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, the condition of human rights for the indigenous Muslim ethnic group, known as Crimean Tatars, has significantly deteriorated. While the world discussed Crimea, Russia, and Ukraine, the plight of the Tatars was vastly overlooked in the Western media coverage of the incident and by most other Muslim-majority countries.

Why Democratic Presidential Candidates Need to Listen to American Muslims

We’re a significant voting bloc in key battleground states—and we have discovered the power of our collective voice.






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