By now the country has become accustomed to the meme about “Florida man.” A recent Google search of “Florida Man headlines” returned 71,300,000 results with links titled, “20 crazy Florida Man headlines that made the meme what it is,”...

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Madame President?


Pressure Mounts on Biden Administration to Act on Uyghur Genocide

“Uyghur,” also commonly spelled “Uighur,” is the name of a Turkic-speaking, mostly Muslim ethnic group native to China’s Xinjiang region consisting of over 10 million people. As Pompeo noted, there has been strong evidence of mass atrocities occurring against Uyghurs in Xinjiang since at least early 2017.

Hindutva Hell: How India was Captured by Religious Fascism and Fell Into Carnage

protest hindutva
Part one of a two part series on the impact of Hindutva ideology in India and in the diaspora

The Captains of Culture: Peterson, Weinstein and Shapiro

Photo of cultural icons in academic hall
In my last piece, I took the Left to task for relying on esoteric approaches to social problems and institutions.  Meanwhile, tradition, the family and the sacred – foundations for a classical liberal culture – are seriously challenged, but not by the forces usually identified as the threat. 

On the Widespread Inaccessibility of Mosques

Woman in wheelchair being pushed at Jamkaran Mosque
Mosques are a place of community and worship, tenets that are essential to Islam.  Despite the importance, some people are unable to fully participate simply because they cannot get through the doors.