The outcome of the recent election for DuPage County Circuit Court Judge left many feeling defeated.  Esteemed lawyer, Azam Nizamuddin, lost by only a slim 0.6% to opponent Richard Felice, leaving many in the community disheartened.

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Oppression Technique



In Peachment

A woman sits on a couch wrapped in a blanket with a cat at her side, her apartment filled with plants. Her phone, on the coffee table in front of her, is on speakerphone. From it comes a voice asking about how the woman will discuss work, a career, the future, and bills to be paid without a roommate. The caption reads "silence of the plants."

Silence of the Plants


Why Does Cobra Kai Work?

This past month, the third season of Cobra Kai was released on Netflix.  The show continues the story of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence, two karate kids from the original Karate Kid movie of 1984 (which is the only good thing on TV in reference to 1984).  And, well, I love it.  It helps that I was raised in Karate and Judo, but one need not be a martial artist to get hooked.  The secrets to the show’s success are in its key ingredients: Cheese, grit, spice and nutrients. 

2020 Presidential Election in Chicago: The Success of Community Organizing

Volunteers from the #CantStopTheVote coalition registering people to vote (source: IL Muslim Civic Coalition) in Chicago
Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, over 1 million Chicagoans voted early for this year’s election which was three times higher than in 2016. Such voter turnout is partly due to consistent community organizing which, for example, engaged Muslim communities as they represent 2% of the Chicago population: encouraging these communities to vote was a priority, despite various challenges.


stories 2020 in the moement annual review
Listen in to part 2 of the annual end of the year review. In this episode, Moe and Laith start off with some fun stories of 2020 including the Jeffrey Toobin story and Snoop Dog commentary. Then they go on to discuss BLM, the elections, and where we go from here. They end with a passionate conversation about the NFL and the state of their respective teams. 

In the Moement: “Episode 10 with Laith Saud” Pt. 1

stories 2020 in the moement annual review
Moe and In the MoeMent’s Producer, Laith Saud, get together to do their annual 2020 Review. In part 1, they discuss the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, Covid and what changes they think will stay post Covid, as well as many other topics of 2020!