In my last piece, I took the Left to task for relying on esoteric approaches to social problems and institutions.  Meanwhile, tradition, the family and the sacred – foundations for a classical liberal culture – are seriously challenged, but not by the forces usually identified as the threat. 

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Loving the Spotlight

Oppression Technique


In Peachment

Pumpkin Spice

Madame President?


Black History: Upholding & Defending American Democracy

Black Lives Matter protest
History does have a way of repeating itself in our behavior and in our failure to act. And it’s long past time for America, as a whole, to join Black people in upholding and defending her democracy. 

The Law and Order Evangelical and the Esoteric Sociologist

Image for The Law and Order Evangelical and the Esoteric Sociologist
I will be writing three pieces on the way in which “the Left” and “the Right” currently interpret western but particularly American life. The general critique I am making is that both camps are suffering from too much social sciences and not enough humanities, a theme I will elaborate on in the third piece.

In the Moement: “Cannabis Dispensary Licenses, the Tobacco Business & What to Watch for in 2021”

in the moement cannabis
To start off 2021, Moe discusses cannabis in Illinois. He gives an update on the upcoming cannabis dispensary licenses and discusses the final cannabis revenue and sales tax numbers from 2020. Then he highlights some new industries surrounding cannabis such as specialty tobacco shops. Lastly, Moe gives his thoughts on what local legal topics he is watching over for in 2021.

A Conversation on the War on Drugs

This summer, CAIR-Chicago interns Sean Barrows and Joah Rosen facilitated an enlightening conversation about the history and lasting harm of the United States' "War on Drugs." Listen to it here: