By Annie TaylorAnnie Taylor

Dear Male Comics,

I’m not saying that you can’t touch on the subject of women in your stand-up routine. In fact, I love when people do!

There’s nothing funnier than a guy who actually understands women enough to make a joke about us that we find hilarious. Chris D’elia did it. Louis C.K. does it all the time. What’s the difference between their material regarding women and Bill Burr’s?

They don’t say that they hate us. Bill Burr said that last Sunday night at Chicago’s hosting of the Oddball Comedy Tour.

When Louis C.K. has women in his material, it’s usually making fun of a larger issue. Abortion, divorce, family… it’s never making fun of women. Or denouncing their right to be seen as equals. Chris D’elia put women in his material to create social satire. 99% of the time, he’s pretty universally right. He told a joke about women always wanting to go out then being indecisive about where to go because they want to be surprised.

Image from Huffington Post
Bill Burr; Image from Huffington Post

In a writing class at Second City, Jay Steigmann told us that when writing, you need to take a shot at yourself first. After that, when you shoot one at someone else, they’ll say it’s okay because you took a bullet first. I look at a lot of comedy through this lens.

Am I okay with making fun of myself the way that I’m making fun of someone else? Or am I just shooting someone for the hell of it?Bill Burr was going beyond that, he was murdering people without even stubbing his own toe.

His words hurt. He wasn’t simply saying that women are stupid or useless or whatever. He said he hated them… that “Michelle Obama needs to shut her yap. Just because she’s f****** Obama doesn’t mean she can talk.” Jim Jeffries said that guys f*** their wives up the a** because it’s the most hateful thing they can think of doing. That men like to “stare in their eyes while doing it so that they can see the damage they’re doing.”

He said that people are too sensitive, that his jokes aren’t hurting anyone and if you aren’t laughing it’s because you don’t understand comedy. Are you f***** kidding me? As a comedian, I don’t walk out on sets. No matter how brutal they are, I’m a good audience member.

I walked out on this one without hesitation.

His hatred towards women lost him at least half of the audience, hopefully more. I didn’t listen to a word he said after he starting talking about how much he hated women. Even if he were to make an intelligent joke, I would have refused to give him my laughter.

But Bill Burr isn’t going to change. He does his thing and somehow people like it. He’s an

Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman

a-hole… a-holes aren’t going to change. He never apologizes. Deep down, there’s something else that bothers me even more.

People loved him.

Audience members were laughing their asses off… even standing up and applauding his hateful words. This infuriated me. He was showing the audience that it’s okay to laugh at how “horrible” women are. Inevitably, some young dudes in the audience were inspired by him.

So I guess what I want to say is that I hope you never become a stupid comedian. An asshole.

Someone who is willing to hurt someone else to gain some sort of image. Some worthless reputation.

Do you know how much funnier you can be?

Sarah Silverman, KNOWN for being offensive and dirty, delivered an incredibly smart and hilarious set. Her offensiveness was intelligent – using her love of dick jokes to describe to men how invasive a pre-abortion ultrasound could be.

If you want to swear and be abrasive and a comic’s comic, you can do that. Just don’t hurt people while doing it.

You don’t have to be Bill Burr.

At it’s core, comedy is supposed to make people laugh. To make them feel good. Not to hurt someone. Don’t forget that while you’re trying to make yourself known.




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  1. I’ve seen this material and I think you missed the point of the joke. Your examples take the joke out of context and turn the joke into a statement – it’s not it was a joke and in context I found it funny although not as funny as his specials. Bill burr is famous for making aggravating statements then working back from them to make a point, maybe because you stopped listening you missed it.
    His comedy focuses on social issues, he exaggerates and goes way over board for comedic affect not to try and hurt someone. I hate these kind of articles and the fact they talk “for women” I’m a women and I find Bill Burr funny.

    • I’m sorry that the patriarchy has gotten to you in this way. Bill Burr says demonstrably hateful, factually sexist things. I hope you “wake up” out of that paradigm for everyone’s sake, but mostly for yours. Bless.

      • Wow, there is nothing in this response but you being condescending and patronizing. She has a different opinion than you, so she needs to ‘wake up’ after being ‘the patriarchy has gotten’ to her. Wow. Just wow. I can’t even…

      • Are you sure you can call yourself a stand up while being unable to look subjectively at a joke? Maybe a job at jezabel instead?

      • Lol what a condescending shitty response. “I hope you stop being a sexist” isn’t a counterargument, it’s just name-calling.

    • “…guys f*** their wives up the a** because it’s the most hateful thing they can think of doing. That men like to “stare in their eyes while doing it so that they can see the damage they’re doing.”

      ^This is not a joke. It’s something a rapist/killer-in-training would say. The fact that this needs explaining is both sad and disturbing. Who even THINKS something so vile and demeaning, let alone finds it acceptable to say into a microphone for laughs?

      If you replace Burr’s pejoratives for women with the N-word, gay slurs or other outright hate speech, is that also a “joke”? I’m sure you’d say yes because literally nothing is too hateful/hurtful when it comes to “comedy”. Easy to say that when he’s not promoting sexual violence against YOUR demographic. Funny how straight white males are constantly butthurt about what the ladies on ‘The View’ have to say, and it’s nowhere near this repulsive. “Waah, Whoopi said something that hurt mah feelers.” Or “Joy Behar is an evil liberal witch.” But a relatively well-known comic jokes about violently anally violating his wife to watch her suffer… and that’s okay? :\

      Why do so many men defend their right to free speech at all costs while whining about the speech of women they disagree with? Intimidated much?

      • Jim Jefferies made the joke about anal sex not Bill Burr. Also there was nothing to indicate that it was violent and or nonconsensual. The joke is only saying the anal sex was unpleasant for the women. Lastly Jim Jefferies has a famous bit about the absurdity of gun laws/NRA and he is far from “a killer in training”. Maude, I would implore you to research what you are talking about before commenting on forums.

  2. You do stand up around town? Hmmm I’ll have to catch a show…or not. So even though the audience liked Mr. Burr’s performance you’re going to bash it and make comedy, what we all came to see, some medium where all of a sudden you can’t touch certain issues. Comedy is an outlet that speaks to the core of what people really think. That’s why they laugh. If Bill Burr was completely off base no one would laugh and he wouldn’t be successful. Apparently he’s touching on a subject that is accurate (laughter) but it offends you. Don’t all jokes offend someone: Fat jokes, bald jokes, guys who can’t last in bed, Asian drivers, police jokes etc? PG politically correct comedy sucks. Bill Burr is a comic’s comic and one of the best. Lighten up there toots

    • Maybe don’t use the term “toots” when trying to defend someone that you claim is t being mysoginistic.

      If it was a joke about how much he hates black people would everyone be laughing? I love Louis CK amd Marc Maron because even if their jokes are offensive they are well crafted commentaries on society. Comedians like Bill Burr use shock value to get the laugh and that’s why he’ll never be as successful as someone like Louis.

      • He is using the term “toots” because it’s funny. How do you not get that? It’s comically ridiculous to say such a weird, outdated term in modern conversation.

        To continue: really, Louis CK never uses shock value? Louis CK has an entire bit about how he prefers the word “n*****” over saying “the n-word.” The only reason you think Bill relies on “shock value” is because YOU find it shocking. YOU find it inappropriate. But then I’m sure you turn around and laugh at any joke targeting black people, Asians, AIDs, Christianity, masculinity, southerners, or anything else.

        Devout Christians get upset because Bill says he can’t take Christians who are arrogant enough to imply that they have an arbitrary checklist that determines who goes to heaven or hell; you get upset because he says it makes no sense that first ladies have felt more and more entitled to take advantage of their position in government, despite the fact that they were never elected into office. Your behavior is just so painfully predictable.

  3. I’ve seen this material and I think you missed the point of the joke. Your examples take the joke out of context and turn the joke into a statement – it’s not it was a joke and in context I found it funny although not as funny as his specials.  Bill burr is famous for making aggravating statements then working back from them to make a point, maybe because you stopped listening you missed it.
    His comedy focuses on social issues, he exaggerates and goes way over board for comedic affect not to try and hurt someone. I hate these kind of articles and the fact they talk “for women” I’m a women and I find Bill Burr funny.

    • My previous comment seems to have been deleted, so I guess I’ll have to respond again: How is it that you’re “a women”? I am simply a woman. One. You know who makes that typo? A man. And/or fools who fail to actually understand the power of words.

  4. Lighten up there, Toots? Haha. A great button on the end of a comment that illustrates the author’s point, which is that you possess great power when you grab a microphone and make a social statement; and that even if that statement is wrapped in a comedy sandwich, it can still leave a bad taste in people’s mouths when at its heart it is capable of perpetuating negative stereotypes–stereotypes you seem to think are reflective of “what people really think.” This article points out that the very problem, highlighted by your response: Some people are laughing because it’s not off base to them; others aren’t because it fuels the barriers they face on account of the former.

    I was at Oddball that weekend, and I understand where the author is coming with respect to Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr’s sets. I think Burr took the brunt of this article. He did slam women who’ve used the platforms available to them to voice their opinions on important social issues (i.e. every first lady should shut it; you don’t get a voice just because you’re f***ing the president). However, I think the worst damage was done by Jefferies who made all but two jokes centered on the awful c***s in his life that need to shut the f*** up and start getting f***** up the a** more. His exact words, on several occasions.

    What upset me more than anything with these two (and again maybe Burr took it harder in the article because of the tone set by Jefferies) is that clearly they are intelligent and capable of artfully crafted, offensive humor. I saw glimmers of it that night, and I’ve seen it on other occasions. Unfortunately, all they ended up delivering was the classic “my c*** wife needs to keep her legs open and her yapper shut” routine. My message, and the one I choose to take away from this article is, if you’re not better than trying to reinvent that joke you should take your own advice…about the yapper, not the legs, nobody wants to see that.

    Lastly, a word to Kelly and other women of this same, perhaps not so well articulated viewpoint. Thank you for establishing you are a women. Since your numbers are greater than mine (just one human over here), I suppose you’ll take the majority vote in this exchange (thank god we women get to vote!) but I must say, any point you have tried to make is obscured by your inability to do so without attacking the author’s physical appearance. Again, your comments serve as a great example of the import of this article and the gender issues touched upon within it. Female comics (and, yes, a lot of other women but I won’t say all) still struggle to uphold their place in a male-dominated community. Contrary to your assertion, it’s not because our powdered sugar-covered hands and hate filled vaginas make it really difficult to run. I’ve tried, running sucks period, but you’re right: healthy living is a real concern. Maybe I’d be more concerned about heart disease if I were man, but since men are still the leading source of death for women (<–that's you, remember?) worldwide; I, like the author, will continue to press the idea that you can be funny and intelligently offensive without calling me a C U Next Tuesday.

      • Are YOU really so bad at reading that you can’t understand that the function of the phrase is to demean, dismiss, and undermine? Is there any possible way that you can say with a straight face that being the person who has been undermined and dismissed is somehow NOT an attack? This is what it’s like to be a woman. Every. Single. Day. Here’s a novel idea: instead of immediately *disbelieving* someone’s offense, try thinking about it. No, I don’t care if you’re a comedian. Just reflect on it. How would you feel if you had just shared your honest, open, and frankly eloquent opinion and someone first dismissed that opinion as “overreaction” or “not being able to take a joke,” and then called you “toots.” This is life for women. Even for women who inexplicably choose not to see it.

        • You poor thing. How do you survive with such a punishing life? The white, American woman is the most “privileged” class to exist in human history. Burr is an obscurity. Virtually every facet of media is dedicated to the proliferation of negativity towards men, but you’ve been indoctrinated by feminist ideology for so long you don’t even see it. “Women’s problems” in the Western world are trivialities compared to those men face.

          • Hell yeah, Jake. Concisely put. Burr is brave enough to touch these issues. Already privileged white women just like the author and they seek to be a totally beyond reproach, can’t be the subject of comedy. Another problem with the author is that she doesn’t seem to realize it doesn’t matter if she’s offended by it. Nobody has the right to not be offended. You don’t like it, don’t listen to it. It’s entertainment. So, just simply move on and don’t support it if you don’t like it. The unmitigated gall to think we have the right to tell a comedian how his act should be, how he supposed to make her feel. Back to the point that, in writing this review, she’s acting like a privileged and entitled brat.

          • I was not offended by that joke but he has some talk back radio/podcast that was so bad. He basically ranted how all women are c***ts and bitches. The rant was so hateful, that if he had been talking about another race or gays like that he would have been facing charges.
            Funny how you couldn’t resist making insults on her looks.

  5. Well, Kelly. It makes sense that you would find his offensive sense of humor utterly hysterical because you have no shame in bashing a complete stranger on the internet. I think you’ve proven Annie’s point ten-fold.

    And just think. Just because you wrote an embarrassingly telling comment about your ignorance on a post about Bill Burr, “your name has gotten in the public as it has never been before.”

      • Oh lots of people around you were laughing? Well then he did his job. Maybe if you stopped caring so much about being politically correct you can make people laugh too. If a comic is on stage, then everything out of his mouth is most likely gonna be a joke. Often comics will be extra crass and offensive in satire, or to be over the top ridiculous. I listen to Bill’s podcast. I know the guy well enough to know that he is a great husband and not sexist or bigoted at all. Ugh a part of me is just praying that this is just a troll job.

  6. I have listened to his podcast, I stand by what I said.

    Nice tag at the end. You know me really well. I hate running… I’d rather deal with my feelings through writing or making people laugh instead of tearing them down. But that’s just me.

    However, I must repeat – Do you know how much funnier you can be?

    • Can you write an article explaining to me like I’m a toddler how these routines by Sarah Silverman are funny?

      “I really believe this to be true,” said Sarah in her stand-up act, “I believe if black people were in Germany in World War II the Holocaust never would have happened. I do. … Or, not to Jews.”

      “I don’t know why she got mad at me, I think I mentioned something about giving a Mexican a blowj*b then having diarrhea afterwards. Their dirty. Someone once caught me backstage and said, “Guess what? I’m a Mexican and I don’t stink.” And I felt so bad, I tried to express to her… you cant smell yourself.”

      Compare to this hateful material, Bill Burr is a saint.

    • Evidently, not well enough, he also mentions the asshole wife beaters out there, and that men are simple minded, some of his sattire like Louis C.K. though pointed at women atleast picture them to be smart, and come on Sarah Silverman is better than Bill Burr? Because #sorryitsaboy and dirty mexicans are hilarious

  7. Dear Annie,

    You have just judged a man’s integrity with little to no justification; where I’m from that’s known as character assassination. You say “Bill Burr was going beyond that, he was murdering people without even stubbing his own toe”. Do you know that this man is literally KNOWN for making fun of himself almost ALL THE TIME (that is if you bother actually listening to his podcasts and stand ups).

    You use Sarah Silverman as an example. What a contradiction that is. She’s recognised for her abrasive and insulting jokes that leave no topic unscathed: men, religion, etc. No open letter for little old Sarah? No, you praise her to the sky using your gold plated magical comedy criteria.

    I wonder? Do you write open letters every time you feel insulted by a comic? I think not.


  8. For a comedian you sure a buzzkill. You have the right to be offended but walking out and not listening to his whole set or finishing that thought train is unfair. You came out with an opinion without the whole set, the whole side of the JOKE.

  9. Mr. Burr openly admits he was working on new material and the only way to do so is to do in front of people. I think what I don’t like about this article is you base it off of one set maybe even one joke, and you crush him completely as a comic.if someone took an article you rushed and based your work solely on that I’m sure you would like that. How have no idea what it’s like to be a woman and hear this kind of stuff and you have a right to be offended. But I think if you listened to a majority of Bill Burr’s wor you would find him fair, very quick to make fun of himself and often on his podcast insightful. In short don’t judge a comedian by one joke, or even a whole set, that’s not a big enough sample size.

  10. “As a comedian, I don’t walk out on sets. No matter how brutal they are, I’m a good audience member. I walked out on this one without hesitation.” So you don’t understand comedy, and you’re a liar?

  11. He also said same would apply if there were a woman President and male “First Lady”. Your real beef is that Michelle Obama was the target of the joke.

  12. So I’m a fledgling fan of Burr’s, only recently viewing his Netflix specials. He’s a gifted stand-up running with the flavor of the era:intense, scurillous, broad buck-shot. Nobody’s left out, as it should be. It would be comedic censorship otherwise. The guy puts me in a fetal position and gasping for breath, BUT I appreciated his own introspection regarding some of his “You guys are all Alike” material. He reads his audience well and “listens” to feedback, or, as he says, You guys got quiet alloveasudden,hey!” I think most women get quiet, actually. It’s a bit like a tickling match- starts out all fun and games, but when your boyfriend doesn’t realize you can’t catch your breath, it sorta takes the fun out of it. So Bill, let women in the audience catch their breath. After watching “You guys…” I went to bed thinking how our society still hasn’t invented enough really descriptive slurs for men. I’d like Bill to call a man a whore in one of his acts, just because there isn’t a parallel name yet. “Dick” doesn’t cut it-that’s just anatomy. Let’s make it an equal playing field, and he’s got to say it with the same gusto and screwing up of the face!

  13. I saw him last night and I’m on the fence. Some of his jokes were really funny and mass appealing while others were mysogynistic. He said women should not make more money than men, the most memorable momen in his life was when his wife made him a sandwhich without him asking, and the best woman is the one who “shuts the f*** up.” She should use only a whisper voice.

  14. People lough because he is speaking the truth and Sarah Silverman is not funny, actually I don’t know one women who is good enough to be even considered an average stand up comedian. Billy Burr got the courage to say what every person knows deep down but afraid to say it because of the backlash from people like you. That’s why everybody loves him, because he is bold and funny.

    • I have yet to listen to a female comedian who makes me laugh. I guess I just don’t find jaded, cynical women who are really aggressive with their humor funny. I am totally biased in that regard, because that style is what I find so hilarious in most male comedians.

  15. Yet female comics can say negative things about men and you wouldn’t care, typical hypocritical humourless feminist.

    The word ‘misogyny’ is used to shut down debate because women think they should be immune from criticism. Self-entitlement at its finest.

  16. I feel male comedians often cross a line. And, it’s not like the line is light and thin. It is bold and jet black. Jim Jefferies decided calling women “cunts” is an acceptable term for ALL women. He also believes that women DESERVE to earn 70% less than a man, regardless of her education, credentials, and how hard they work. This is his belief, because apparently women “spend all our money anyways,” while this is not only not true, degrading, and misogynistic. To make a joke about it? To use this as material, for own personal gain, I find it disgusting and just horrible. Feminist or not, every woman can agree his views are not funny, they are unbelievable horrible!

  17. It is very sad to be a woman and talked down to. I grew up loving comedy. I love Bill and think he ‘s hilarious and won’t stop watching him for his genius, but it does hurt my feelings because he refers to women as bitch collectively sometimes. And then says he was embarrassed because he doesn’t know about guns and looks like a bitch. This means he thinks it would be bad to seem us. The worst thing to seem like. When your gender is an insult it hurts. I can’t change these guys but it makes me sad because im sexually attracted to males and my integrity leaves me all alone and my dream of being in an equal relationship is dead. I have never had a man treat me as a thing other leverage in his personal story.

    • Okay….that came off as being extremely uncaring. What I mean is, that being depressed is hard and I hope that you can find a way to start rebuilding and seeing the true value you bring to the world. My primary goal was to tell you I thought it was a funny ending to your comment and it made me laugh. I realize it may not be as funny to you….but in the context of the never ending battle between American men and American women….to end with that was pretty hilarious.

  18. It figures some clam would get offended. Make all the men jokes you’d like. No guy will care unless they’re looking for some social justice brownie points. I’m sure you’ll achieve the same standup success as Bill with your OH SO HILARIOUS spots at improvs and comedy clubs around the city. Good luck with that there sweetheart.

    • Guys won’t care because they’re not systematically oppressed throughout history. Or sexually harassed weekly. Or having to thrive in a comedy world where they’re seen as being “less funny” because of their gender alone.

      • I am sure there are plenty of female comedians that people find hilarious. No doubt they are producing their own shows and making big bucks just like the males are. However, suggesting that there is some “conspiracy” among the audience as if they all got together an decided not to throw their collective money at a female comedian is really funny. Keep up with your delusions.

        • Joe, I hate to say it because it sounds so cliche, but truthfully you just can’t understand what it’s like to be a woman. Louis CK said that after Daniel Tosh faced criticism for a rape joke about a heckler, he read a bunch of articles and blogs written by women about the sexism the face every. single. day. He said he really gained a better understanding of how women’s lives and experiences are inherently different then men’s because of sexism and rape culture.
          So please don’t call the biases we face “delusions”. Also, there are women in comedy who are really successful but don’t think for a second that they “making big bucks just like the males”.
          There is a huge problem with women not getting paid the same as their male counterparts.

  19. I have absolutely no memory of Bill Burr saying he hates women or that they’re useless, if you watch the conan interviews, or pay attention to his stand up you’ll notice he says he likes women he’s just not compatible, and that was obviously a joke, he got married did he not? Not to mention that the guy also said that when there’s a first female president, then the first man or whatever has to shut up, so I think it would be best if you just looked a little deeper and that it wasn’t directed at women, but at the spouses of presidents, oh yeah and maybe don’t trash the guy who is way more successful than you in comedy just because you heard something wrong m’kay?

      • “I’m commenting on the set that I watched – the words that he said that night were ‘I hate women’.”

        Well then, maybe it is not very smart to comment on something you walked out on and missed 95% of? He later speaks about gold digging whores and expresses clearly that whores are a minor group within women and not all women. I really cannot understand why he even has to explain that. Every political correct dipsh*t considers bitch or whore as an expression for all women. But wait, who is the sexist here then?

  20. I’m not here to rehash the obvious thing other people have said (you didn’t get the joke, etc), but I am here to say this: if you are a blogger and you are offended by something a comedian says, and you feel the need to write about it…don’t. Because no matter what your PC opinion on the issue is…THIS IS STAND UP COMEDY. And if you think that there is ANY subject out there so offensive that it cannot be joked about, then not only are you wrong, but you miss the entire point of comedy in general. Stop doing this to yourself, or you will quickly find yourself without a career.

  21. Way to miss the whole point of the joke, lady.
    He was saying the married partner of the president should shut their yap, since they’re not the politician — they’re the husband/wife of the president.

    He even went as far to say that when we get a female president, the first male lady should shut his trap.

    This whole letter is a childish rant written by someone with their mind made up on who Bill Burr is, even before going to see the show.

  22. I love Bill Burr, and think he’s hilarious. At the same time – he definitely has an issue with women. He has an issue with his father, with commitment and with being an old (formerly) single guy. That’s pretty much who he is. He’s funny enough that I deal with the misogyny, but I do kind of cringe when he does the female voice and just his general feel for women. But I put up with it because he’s so damn funny. I don’t know what to say – i think he’s pretty much an open book – you can see he’s been scared and has this animosity to women. The flaws make him real and more funny; however… if you don’t get that context – and understand that there’s a world of experience that he has behind that – it’s easy to see it as something that could influence the opinions of others. If it does, i don’t know.

  23. That first lady bit is a terrible example of Bill Burr’s supposed hatred toward women. You failed to mention the analogies that he made to support the point that he was making, about how if you hired a plumber you wouldn’t expect the plumber’s spouse to address the issue with your sink or if a woman were elected president, you wouldn’t expect the “first gentleman” to constantly voice his political agenda since he wasn’t the one elected. He’s making funny observations that hold some truth to them and for good measure he’s even flipping the scenario to put men on the receiving end of the joke. Bill Burr is hilarious and I’ve never heard him say that he hates women in his stand ups. At best he doesn’t care for a certain type of woman (gold diggers, hypocrites, female supremacy agenda vs. pro equality) but if you pay attention to his stand ups, most of his act is him exaggerating his disdain towards some group of people (e.g., Yolo douches, “holier than thou” people, gold diggers, Steve Jobs acting like he’s Tesla, etc.). That’s his shtick. If you can get past the one topic that offends you and pay attention to the clever way that he spins the various observations that he makes, you might learn a lot from him as an aspiring comedian.

  24. Oh for feck’s sake – you should be lecturing at uni – not doing comedy-if you’re that thin skinned.
    Then again, maybe not – we’ve got enough humourless pedants there already.

  25. I cannot believe you took a “comedy set” to heart and let it hurt your feelings. You are precisely the kind of woman who gives our gender a bad rap. I personally find Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies hilarious! Their acts are just that, ACTS! Do you truly think either of them would have a woman in their lives if they meant what they JOKED about??? Someone as thin-skinned as you obviously are has no place in stand-up.

  26. Bill Burr’s comedy is not hateful. You are clearly offended by him and do not see the kernel of truth in his humor nor do you appreciate his stepping over the pc line and then watching him jump back to safety while the audience gasps or is suddenly quiet. His remarks about first ladies and even his remark about firs dude was funny because it is totally on point. He goes on to give an example about a plumber’s wife showing up and giving her opinion about plumbing. He points out that having the first woman President will happen at some point and then he does not want to hear a word out of the first dude.

    You have gall telling others not to find another comic funny. Let people react the way they do. I would tell you just dont sweat it but after watching one of your routines in which you say that you come from a long line of sweaty monsters, I realize that you cannot help yourself

    • I do not have any standup on YouTube so please do not comment on any “Annie Taylor” standup videos as it is not me. I have a very generic name.

      • Hi anyone can recognize a face ms. Dillz.

        You most certainly do have a channel with two open mics taped from the back of the room.

        Helpful hint? If you don’t want to clue in people working in the business you aren’t one of them? Maybe leave off the part about taking comedy classes. It’s a huge tip off.

      • And D’Elia in real life would disappoint you, waling into every club with no fewer than four models on any given night who he then makes compete to fuck him instead of his friends.

        Not only are you not a comedian, you’re not even close enough to comedians to make a value judgment on them as individuals.

        This type of fraud is disgusting. Even 3 years later you’re still just some know nothing open micer who fooled “the Chicago monitor” into believing you’re a working entertainer.

  27. They’re asking me to eliminate
    Some of the women hate
    But if you take into consideration
    The bitter hatred I have
    Then you may be a little patient
    And more sympathetic to the situation and understand the discrimination
    But fuck it. Life’s handing you lemons? Make lemonade then.
    But if I can’t batter the women, how the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake then?

  28. Sarah Silverman as a positive example is hilarious, she hurts people all the time.

    I remember her having an appearance at some gaming convention and went right for the “still living with your mom”, overweight and no contact to real life women jokes. Exactly because she knew this is the biggest pain in the lifes of many in the mainly male audience. She got booed somewhat but of course the public was on her side.

    The real difference is that men just dont have the right to openly compain about content that is hurtful to them, because they will just be ridiculed even more.

  29. Open Letter to Lazy Useless Writers:

    You know you will get readers and attention by writing about some fake ‘issue’. That’s how you can tell a useless writer. Perhaps you even go so far as to feel good about yourself or that you are making a difference.

    I will give you partial credit for mentioning Jim Jeffries though. The C word just isn’t that funny. I would consider him a lazy comedian when he uses the C word the same way I consider you a lazy writer.

    Writing about something that offended you and using a comedy act as a basis to assume someone’s actual thoughts is as lazy in thought as using the C word to make people laugh.

  30. Funny, Louis CK now has admitted to be a molester, and Bill Burr is married with a black liberal woman. Hope you will reconsider your positions. Also, Bill Burr’s humor is not for everyone.

  31. Looks like ol loui CK views towards women weren’t jokes after all. Yet ol billy red face burr is still a gentlemen an a Saint, daughter, still married in a loving relationship of 11 years…. looks like ol billy red Face jokes are ACTUALLY jokes and loui CK is a womanizing peice of shit, maybe write a new article? #longlivebillburr

  32. The shot at himself is literally his entire routine. He’s exposing all the dumb male pent up angst. You missed the joke, it’s staring right at you. You’re too afraid.

  33. Wow, a lot of men in this comment section seem to have a really deep hatred of women. We get it guys, you hate vaginas. Why don’t you all just fuck off and suck each other’s dicks already. It’s OK to want dick and not want pussy, guys. We won’t judge you. Have fun.

  34. It is almost four and a half years later and Bill and Jim are cashing checks…and I still don’t know who the fuck Annie is!! Gee I wonder who isn’t funny? Basic economics here Annie, it they’re not funny there would be no demand for their product. I think you are quite familiar with lack of demand, which is probably the real reason behind your pitiful attempt at gaining attention.

  35. Ugh, THIS is why Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones will be a comedy classic and considered one of the greatest specials of all time.

    Blogs like this.


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