This is the first of our “Policing Politicians” series where we examine the views of the declared candidates for president on social justice issues. Today we take a look at how all the Democratic and Republican candidates have approached discussing Islam and the problem of Islamophobia.



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  1. Oh please! “Islamophobia” actually doesn’t even exist. Phobia is defined as an irrational, unreasonable fear towards something. Now when you then look at the facts, you will then realize that despising political ISLAM couldn´t be any more rational.

    Islam goes directly against the core of the civilized western world…it goes against everything you know, freedom of speech, women’s rights, individual rights, democracy, civil laws… everything!

  2. So I’m gonna pick the most ‘islamophobic’ candidate and vote for him/her. Considering what’s currently going on worldwide, this is the only right choice. We have had over 100 muslims indicted on terror related charges in the first 6 months of this year. Considering only one non-muslim got indicted and muslims represent 0.9% of the population, this is extremely significant.
    ‘Islamophobia is a term created by islamists, so it’s interesting this would be journalist uses it. Perhaps CAIR or ISNA got to her? There’s currently a concerted media campaign going on to whitewash islam despite the fact that the koran commands hatred, terror, slavery, abuse, rape and subjugation of non-believers. It’s articles like this one which makes it easy to pick out bad journalists and newspapers that distort the truth and facts to further their ideological agenda. Nice one Chicago monitor, you’re on my FAIL! list now.

  3. I’m a multiculturalist who does not believe tolerance should be extended to the intolerant totalitarianism of Islam. Yes, significant numbers of Muslims don’t care about Islamic law or wish to impose it. Yet recent polls show that 51% of American Muslims DO want Islamic law. Islamic law does not allow any criticism — by anyone — of Muhammad, Islam, or the Qur’an. If you do criticize those things publicly, you are in physical danger. There is already a chill on free speech about Islam in the U.S. — very few will speak criticism of Islam publicly in their own names. Those who do publicly criticize often have to have bodyguards and conceal where they live. To see a small selection of news stories from reputable news outlets about people in the U.S. and Europe self-censoring because of Islamic death threats and actual Islamic violence, check out

    This is not a hijacking of the religion. The totalitarian interpretation of Islam is quite mainstream, because the core texts of Islam very readily lend themselves to a totalitarian interpretation. Indeed, they lend themselves to such an interpretation more readily than to any other kind of interpretation. Wake up!


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