AURORA, Ill. – On Tuesday night in Aurora, 250 flags are waving outside City Hall, each one marking a life lost in the city to COVID-19.

Each of the little white flags now have a little white rose next to it.

Several speakers took to the podium Tuesday night inside City Hall to share stories about some of the 250 people Aurora has lost due to the virus.

“Even though I’m a pastor. I’m a son and when mom dies it hits you a different way,” a pastor said.

After the roses were laid, WGN News spoke with Erika Iniguez, who lost her mother to the virus in May of last year.

“Losing a mom its hard to describe the pain you feel sometimes you feel you’re losing your breath,” being here helps with the part of healing and being amongst others who understand what you’re going through

Erika’s family said they’ve not been able to hold a proper service for her mother since her passing.