CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s hot out, and people are hitting the streets, just days away from the City of Chicago and State of Illinois’ plan to reopen.

Restaurants and bars in Wrigleyville are getting a real boost. There was no Cubs game in Wrigley Friday night, but the bars that Friday afternoon game day feeling. CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar talked with a number of people who are relieved the city and state will fully open up next week.

“That means Lollapalooza back on, Mustache Bar Crawl, Wrigley, obviously a great place to be, being with all of our friends and not having to be 10 to a table and finally being able to hang out with everyone,” said bar patron Jenny Pineda.

Lines outside of bars have returned in recent weeks, and Friday night was no exception. Of course, starting next Friday, all capacity limits will e lifted for all businesses, which is a relief for businesses like Nola Bar and Kitchen in Wrigleyville.

“I love it,” said Andrea Hughes. “Every single bartender right now, they love it. They’re excited, and they’re like, ‘Let’s get our regulars back. Let’s get new people back.’ Everyone’s coming out. Everyone’s enjoying the weather. We have the windows open. Everyone has the windows open. It’s just fun.

Until Friday capacity limits are still in place but will soon become a thing of the past.