CHICAGO — A proposed $2.9 million settlement is coming before City Council’s Finance Committee Monday for Anjanette Young, nearly three years since the botched raid in her West Side home, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Young had just returned home from a night shift at Rush University Medical Center on Feb. 21, 2019 and was getting undressed and ready for bed, when Chicago police wrongfully raided her home.

Officers, with a search warrant, were looking for a suspect they believed had a gun, ammunition and a small number of drugs.

Police restrained her and forced her to stand handcuffed and naked for forty minutes as officers searched her apartment.

Police video captured Young telling officers multiple times they were in the wrong home. 

After initially saying she didn’t know about the incident, Mayor Lori Lightfoot acknowledged her staff had told her about it. The mayor has personally apologized to Young.

COPA has recommended the eight officers involved be fired or suspended. Police Supt. David Brown recommended the police board fire the sergeant who was in charge of the raid.

If the finance committee signs off on the proposed settlement, it will advance to the full council later this week.