CHICAGO — Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s controversial proposal of going after gang member assets is up for a vote Wednesday.

The measure made it out of committee last week but passage is far from a done deal.

Many city council members are concerned the ordinance is too vague and doubt that it will lower crime.

The proposal would allow judges or court officers to seize any property directly or indirectly used in gang related activity. Both the mayor and CPD Supt. David Brown believe the proposal will have an impact on crime.

The mayor made some adjustments to help get the measure she calls the victim’s justice ordinance. Through committee specifically, one change made it clear the ordinance would target adult gang members. Fifty attorney’s the ACLU, and the Cook County public defenders’ office want the measure to be withdrawn.

Critics fear it will lead to an over policing of Black and brown communities and those who may not be involved in gangs. Half the money recovered through the ordinance would go to victim’s assistance the other half would go in the city’s general revenue fund.

There is a chance the vote may not happen Wednesday. There are some parliamentary rules that could delay the vote.