CHICAGO – Two people were injured in a fire in Chicago’s Morgan Park neighborhood Saturday.

Officials said the fire broke out around 11 p.m. near 108th Street and South Prospect.

Anthony and Laura Cordero live inside the home, along with their niece and great-nephew. Around 11 p.m., the house went up in flames while the Corderos and their great-nephew were home. 

“I opened my door and all I saw was black smoke,” said Akeem Andrews. “It was horrible and I got the call from my uncle and he told me it was a fire, so I dropped everything and ran out the back door.”

Andrews lived in the second-floor apartment with his mom Tina Turner Andrews. The Corderos live on the first floor.

Akeem says he noticed the internet went out right before he got a call from his uncle that the house was on fire. 

Tina, who wasn’t home then, says she rushed to her family home of nearly fifty years to find it filled with soot, heavy smoke and water damage.  

She says her aunt and uncle are currently sedated and receiving care at separate hospitals, adding that her uncle’s condition is critical. 

“My uncle is legally blind, he’s disabled. My aunt has low vision, so they are both visually impaired, so the fact that they even got out of that fire…if there’s a silver lining or a saving grace, it’s that my entire family including my dog, got out.” 

Fire investigators say a space heater sparked the blaze.

It is unknown if the building is a total loss.