CHICAGO — A couple was robbed at gunpoint while on an evening walk over the weekend and surveillance cameras captured it all.

At around 11 p.m. Saturday in the 1700 block of North Winchester, the couple told WGN News they were “ambushed.”

Surveillance footage from a nearby home shows a white sedan speeding then stop in the middle of the street.

The couple tried to run away and the woman tripped and fell.

“All the doors open up and you immediately see people with guns,” she said. “One kind of rushed us up the middle, the other two flanked us. We tried to get away, they caught us in the middle of the street emptied our pockets and were gone in 30 seconds.”

The couple called police while a passing motorcyclist, who witnessed the crime, stopped to help.

“He went to the end of the block, made a bunch of noise yelling,” she said. “You can tell it maybe got them a little spooked, then came over to check on us.”

When police arrived, the couple was told there had just been another attempted robbery near Armitage and Wolcott.

Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at