CHICAGO — A boy born with a rare genetic disease left a South Side hospital Tuesday after spending his entire life under care.

Francesco Bruno is affected by skeletal dysplasia — which impacts the ribs and does not allow his lungs to properly grow. He’s undergone numerous surgeries to expand his chest while surviving and thriving with the care team at La Rabida Hospital. It’s been his home for the last year and a half.

Bruno, the youngest of seven, finally went home Tuesday afternoon.

Over the last several weeks, his mother and father have been getting detailed training and instructions on how to care for him.

His brothers and sisters, home from school Tuesday, eagerly awaited the arrival of their brother.

“They’re super happy. They’re thrilled, they’re at home making cards and waiting for the phone call to tell them that we are on our way,” mother Priscilla Bruno said.

The staff at La Rabida said this is a bittersweet moment for them. They have gotten to know Bruno very well over the last 18 months and told WGN News they are happy he’s going home — but sad he’s leaving.