According to an Illinois Broadcasters Association and Research America Inc. Poll released Monday, Democratic incumbent JB Pritzker is polling 22 points ahead of Republican challenger Darren Bailey in Illinois’ gubernatorial race.

Of 1,000 registered voters surveyed for the poll, nearly 50% said they would vote for Pritzker if the gubernatorial election were held today, while 27.7% would vote for Bailey, and another 12.6% remain undecided.

“Not particularly surprising,” said North Central College Political Science Professor Dr. Suzanne Chod. “I know that Darren Bailey has come out and said that he doesn’t think the poll makes a lot of sense. For those of us that forecast and know the demographics of Illinois, it makes a lot of sense for us.”

Last month, a WGN-TV/The Hill/Emerson College poll showed Pritzker held a 15-point lead over Bailey.

The poll also points toward state finances, taxes and spending being a bigger issue than crime, although the difference is only 1.9%. Jobs and the economy came in as the third-most important issue, checking in 2.6% behind crime.

Other Democratic incumbents like U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth and Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul also would hold double-digit leads over their Republican opponents, Kathy Salvi and Thomas DeVore, respectively, according to the poll.

Of those polled, more than 73% said they plan on voting in next month’s election.