CHICAGO — A Theodore Roosevelt High School staff member is under investigation following a physical altercation involving a student.

Video obtained by WGN News shows the staff member appearing to put his hand around a 14-year-old student’s neck before slamming him to the floor in the school’s lunchroom on Monday.

The staff member then pins the teen for several seconds before walking him outside, where he appears to slam the student down again. A second video recorded outside the school shows the student crouched on the ground with the staff member standing over him.

Police sources told WGN News that the teen suffered numerous cuts to the face and bruising after the incident.

The student stated on social media that he’d been asked to leave the lunchroom but that the staff member got upset after he reached for his book bag. According to the teen, he was then slammed to the ground and when he tried to get up, the staff member choked him.

In a letter to parents and families, the principal added that the Office of Student Protections and Title IX (OSP) had initiated an investigation and the staff member had been removed.

A final decision will be made regarding whether it is appropriate for the staff member to return to the school.

The principal added that the school is offering support to the student and his family.

The family of the student involved declined WGN News’ request for comment.