PLAINFIELD, Ill. — The village mayors in Plainfield, Homewood and Lincolnwood said they are looking for commercial redevelopment opportunities as Walmart plans to close stores by mid-March.

Walmart announced earlier this week it would close its Plainfield, Homewood and Lincolnwood locations due to several factors.

The Lincolnwood location, a Walmart pickup and delivery-only location, will close by Feb. 17.

What’s moving into the Walmart in Plainfield?

In a news release on Friday, Plainfield said as of now, no proposals have been received for the site and any rumors are “untrue.”

Village of Plainfield Mayor John Argoudelis said the village will work with Walmart to make sure the site is secured and maintained once it closes.

“Walmart has been a great community partner and we are sorry to lose them,” Argoudelis said in a news release. “The retail marketplace continues to change and the village is planning for the future and will take advantage of this great redevelopment opportunity.”

What’s moving into the Walmart in Homewood?

The Village of Homewood said the store has been one of the village’s largest revenue-producing stores for years and served shoppers in the area.

“The village was surprised by this news and will work with the property owner to fill the space as soon as possible,” Mayor Rich Hofeld said in a Facebook post.

Updates on redevelopment efforts would be posted online, according to the post.

No proposals have been announced by the village at this time.

What’s moving into the Walmart Pickup location in Lincolnwood?

The Village of Lincolnwood said it is working to find a new business to move into the location.

“The Walmart Pickup store was a welcomed member of our business community, and its closing was unexpected,” Mayor Jesal Patel said in a news release. “With this change comes an opportunity for another business to positively impact Lincolnwood and the surrounding area.”

No proposals or possible new businesses for the location have been announced by the village.