EVANSTON, Ill. — Evanston police said a man is in custody after he attempted to push a woman into his car Saturday morning.

Around 9:45 a.m., an Evanston Police Department officer was flagged down by the woman in the 600 block of University Place. The woman told police a man just tried to push her into his car, police said.

According to a news release from police, the woman is an Evanston resident and isn’t affiliated with Northwestern University.

The woman said she was walking when the man tried to push her into his car and she was able to get away, police said in the release. The man was eventually taken into custody after a “low-speed chase.”

The man, 28, of Chicago, is the only person police were looking for, according to the release.

Police said there is no connection between the woman and the man.

Charges are pending in the ongoing investigation, police said.

The identities of those involved haven’t been released.