CHICAGO — Rideshare drivers rally for better pay, job security and safety on the city’s North Side.

Uber and Lyft drivers gathered Thursday outside the Uber Hub on North Avenue to protest unfair working conditions and low pay.

The workers are asking for fair wages, safer conditions when it comes to picking up riders and fair termination and suspension practices.

Several drivers spoke about incidents where they felt unsafe or were attacked by the riders.

Earlier this week, Chicago police issued a community alert about armed robberies and aggravated vehicular robberies. Six of 10 victims were Uber drivers.

Ald. Mike Rodriguez and Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez came out in support of the drivers, both stating their support of an ordinance that would require the companies provide fair wages, due process for deactivation to driver accounts and better safety protocols.

Uber released a statement in response to the protest:

“The City of Chicago’s own study released last week shows that all full time drivers make more than $20 an hour after expenses and a quarter of drivers make more than $29/hour after expenses.”

Uber’s response did not address issues with safety.

Uber is having a shareholders meeting next week where workers hope some of these issues will be addressed.