WILL COUNTY, Ill. — A Joliet man will spend more than a year in prison for a Scott’s Law violation that resulted in a crash that left an Illinois State Police Trooper gravely injured, according to Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow.

Glasgow announced Tuesday morning that 23-year-old Angel Casillas was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the crash, which resulted from a Scott’s Law violation, that left Trooper Brian Frank disabled and confined to 24-hour care.

Scott’s Law mandates that drivers approaching stopped emergency vehicles along the roadway must change lanes if able, or greatly reduce their speed if unable

According to Glasgow, on February 15, 2021, Trooper Frank was working a crash in the left lane against the center median wall along I55, just north of Route 30. At the time the trooper had emergency lights activated and had three emergency flares burning behind his vehicle, to help divert traffic out of the left lane.

Authorities say about 30 minutes after the trooper positioned his vehicle to divert traffic, a Cadillac, driven by Angel Casillas, crashed into the back of the trooper’s vehicle. The trooper was sitting inside the patrol vehicle at the time of the crash.

Trooper Frank was airlifted from the scene and transported to Good Samaritan Hospital with serious injuries.

Authorities say Casillas was traveling between 82 and 89 mph at the time he crashed into the trooper’s, which had been stationary for over 20 minutes.

“The lives of Trooper Frank, his devoted wife Lauren, and their family were shattered in that moment when Angel Casillas continued to drive in the left lane at up to 87 mph and after failing to safely change lanes crashed into Trooper Frank’s patrol car. Scott’s Law exists for a reason – to prevent exactly the type of tragedy that occurred here,” Glasgow said in a release that was sent out on Tuesday afternoon. “A prison sentence will not heal the egregious injuries that have left Trooper Frank totally disabled, confined to 24-hour-a-day nursing care without the ability to even speak or feed himself. However, it does serve a deterrent effect and send the necessary message that the lives of our dedicated law enforcement community are deserving of protection.

Casillas was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to a Class 4 Felony on Monday.