CHICAGO — The iconic Signature Room at the former John Hancock building abruptly closed Thursday morning and those who have put down money to reserve the restaurant for their special occasion said they’re out of a place and money.

“I know they put a letter out for people, but they should’ve put an email out notifying people that have huge events,” Andrea Purnell said.

A sign posted on the door of the elevator lobby at the former John Hancock building and a message on the restaurant’s Facebook page informed customers of the closure.

Purnell was disappointed she didn’t receive a heads up the business was closing down. 10 years ago, Purnell planned a special event for her mother at the 95th floor restaurant and was hoping to recreate those memories again in November, but instead she said she was blindsided.

“I’ve been paying them since June and I think I paid the day before,” Purnell said. “I even paid an extra $400 because it was going to upgrade the room.”

Kenneth Jones is also out of a venue and thousands of dollars.

“I’m pretty much in disbelief. A little bit of shock. I just sent a payment on Nov. 25 to make sure I had my full coverage,” Jones said.

Both Purnell and Jones have tried to reach tried calling and e-mailing management, but have been sent to voicemail and e-mails sent back due to the address being blocked.

They are optimistic they’ll find a new place for their celebrations, but they fear with the business’ lack of communication, they won’t get their money back.

The Signature Room was located on the 95th floor of the former John Hancock building at 875 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.

WGN-TV has reached out to the owners of the Signature Room and the Illinois Restaurant Association for comment, but have yet to hear back.